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Urine Therapy


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Urine Therapy - Past Conferences

1st World Conference on Urine Therapy in February 1996 held in India

More than 500 specialists, tired of traditional medicine came together at our first World Conference about Urine therapy. The president, Dr. Devidas Tirocdkar was the organizer of the first urotherapy World Congress. One of the main speakers was G.K. Thakkar, chief of the Water of Life foundation in India, Dr. Nakao, from Japan along with 600 Scientists and Physicians from 17 different Nations, assured all speakers that they drink their own urine and use it to give massage treatments.

2nd World Conference on Urine Therapy in May 1999 held in Germany.

2nd World Congress Urinotherapy,Stadthalle City, Germany May 1999
Weltkonferenz uber Urin-Therapie, 13 bis 16 may 1999.

 650 Scientists, Physicians along with only 2 Chemists from Mexico and Korea participated at this Congress. It was translated into 8 different languages, with 23 countries participating. Dr. Coen Van Der Kroon, from Netherlands was the president of the Organization committee integrated by, Miss Ingeborg Allman, Goftfried Jilg, Edeltraud Schaferperras, from Germany and Volker Moritz from Netherlands. Great speakers like Dr. Ryosuke Uryu from Japan along with Dr. Nakao from Japan also. Q.F.B. Sonia Rodriguez from Mexico, Dr. Jhon Wynhausen from United States and Dr. Christian Tal Schaller from France, also were present

More than 1000 people attended from all over the world.

Dr. Chistian Tal Schaler and him wife Johanne from Frace.
Q.F.B. Sonia Rodríguez, México.
Dr. Pierfrancesco Paolo. Italia.

Meeting room of Stadthalle Gersfeld, Germany

3rd World Conference on Urine Therapy in April 2003 in Belo Horizonte Brazil

3rd World Congress Urintherapy
Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
April 30 to Mayo 30. 2003

Physicians, Scientists along with the general public from all over the World were invited. Louciadas auditorium received with elegancy great expositors like Dr. Coen Van Der Kroon from Netherlands, Dr. Jhon Wynhausen from United States, Dr. Roviere Pier Fransesco from Italy, Q.F.B Sonia Rodriguez from Mexico, Dr. Christhian Tal Schaller from France, Atom Inoue from Colombia.
President Dr. Fatima Pimienta was the organizer of the event, with Father Renato Roque Barth´s help.

4th World Conference on Urine therapy in South Korea in September 2006

4th World Congress Urinetherapy
Seoul, Korea
September 15, 16, 17, 2006

More than 20 Countries participated. Korean was the official language but it was translated into English and Japanese. The President Kook Hee Kang, welcomed people from Mexico, Japan, Italy, Australia, Germany, United States, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, France, Netherlands, India, Africa and Venezuela.

5th.World Congress Urotherapy in Guadalajara Jalisco, México 2009

Dear Friends:

It is our great pleasure to greet and welcome you as we gather to share and learn about our mutual interest in this great event, The Fifth World Congress of Urotherapy 2009 in Guadalajara Mexico. Where the World Organization for Excellence Health Care will gather to offer and provide knowledge and experiences in the areas of medicine and chemistry, as well as institutions and people that participate actively in the implementation of healthy life styles, along with a better quality of life for Humanity. We are inviting representatives of many Countries from 5 different Continents: America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa, where all will participate with this scientific, experimental and many great testimonial knowledge, thus contributing to the wellness of World Humanity.

Comité organizador
Dr. Ryosuke Uryu
Dr Rovere Pierfrancesco
Q.F.B. Sonia Rodriguez
Dr. Coen Van Der Kroon
Pe. Raymundo Reyna
Pe. Jorge E. Zarraga

Japón. Italia México, Alemania, África, Australia
5th.World Congress Urotherapy México 2009.

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