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Urine Therapy


Thursday, 28 February 2013

Do you want soft skin & good complexion?

As the research studies show, urea replenishes the water content of the skin because it binds hydrogen and attracts moisture to the skin in a way that no mineral oil or glycerin-based lotions or creams can.

You 'll be absolutely amazed at the softness and beauty of your skin after even one treatment with a urine massage. Old dead skin immediately flakes away, and your skin becomes wonderfully soft, rosy and with time, even wrinkles will disappear. Urine massages have also been reported to eliminate varicose veins and cysts."
from Coen Van Der Kroon

Personally, I have been doing it very morning by using a cotton ball and applying the mid-stream urine on my face when I wake up.  I will let it dry on my face for few minutes before washing my face.  Throughout these years, my skin has become softer and radiant.  I think urine is the best moisturizer.

Dr. Ronnie Ng

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Urine Is Entirely Sterile After Secretion

The main function of the kidneys is to keep the composition of the blood in optimal balance. When there is to much water, the kidneys will remove it. But that doesn't make water into a toxic waste product.

Only the substance urea can be poisonous when present in very large amounts in the blood. However, this is irrelevant in the practice of drinking urine, as urine is not immediately put back in the bloodstream. In the small amounts urea gets back into the body, it is purifying, clears up excess mucus and has a number of specific, very useful effects. Moreover, it has a wonderful healing and tonifying effect when applied to the skin.

You can find urea in many skin products as one of the main components- specifically in many woman cosmetics.
Furthermore, urine is entirely sterile after secretion and has an antiseptic effect. We are talking here about urine from the point of view of somebody who follows a reasonably healthy diet, and who does not use chemical drugs or allopathic medicines. Urine therapy is a method based upon the principle of 'natural cycles'.

As long as we do not interfere chemically with the body's natural cycle, the body produces urine which is perfectly suitable for re-cycling. If you ingest a great deal of chemical substances - and these days all kinds of processed food contain chemicals - part of this will end up in the urine, in which case the composition of the urine changes. Normally, however, urine is a healthy substance which contains healthy, harmless and nourishing components.

Some natural cycles take place more quickly than others, but the cycle in general is the foundation of all life. If we let nature run her course, there will be no waste, and a disturbed equilibrium will always come back into balance. Just as we are capable of disturbing a natural equilibrium, we can also do our part in helping nature recover her balance. In order to support such a recovering of balance, we are equipped with a wonderful, natural 'house pharmacy': our own urine provides us with a swift and safe method for using the powers of the natural cycle.

Dr. Ronnie Ng

Monday, 25 February 2013


URINE THERAPY : NATURE'S ELIXIR FOR GOOD HEALTH by Flora Peschek-Bohmer, Ph.D., and Gisela Schreiber. Translated from the German by Hans-Georg Bakker. 152 pp. Rochester, Vermont : Healing Arts Press, 1999.

The following are some of the reviews:

If you have a chronic pain condition this is one of the best healing therapies to practice. This is not a bandaid therapy, it cures ... and cures most dis-eases known to mankind. Our creator gave us the cure, our bodies create the cure 24/7 and its free !! Take advantage of this miracle and start practicing these healing protocols asap !! Spray on body, bathe on body, and drink up heal inside out. Congradulations you know a secret that has been kept from most of the world.


Did you know that the best nutritional supplement in the world is something everyone can afford. In this book you'll find what wonders come as you drink your urine! May sound strange and initially I found the idea a bit gory but this book convinced me it was worth a try. The results are absolutely unbelievable! Give it a try!


Her very short book, which can be read in an hour or two, breaks down into two parts. The first 50 pages are taken up with rather superficial introductory material in which the reader is given a wholly false idea of the kidneys, and in which absolutely NOTHING is said about the remarkable constituents of urine - its many hormones, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, proteins, etc., - although she finally does get around to mentioning Melatonin (a powerful natural tranquillizer) on page 147. The book also seems to me to be highly misleading on other essential matters. Not only that, but throughout the book there are constant reminders of the need to consult a "medical professional" of one sort or another, when the whole aim of Urine Therapy is to free us from our dependence upon such people, most of whom have a proven track record of failure. The remaining 100 pages of the book, 'Treatment and Applications,' are taken up with basic practical advice as to how we can use urine to help alleviate or cure a whole range of ailments, though in many cases, once again, not without the 'help' of those benevolent and concerned "medical professionals" who, as we know, have managed to make the curative properties of urine the best-kept secret in medical history.


Dr. Ronnie Ng

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Dr Ryoichi Nakao M.D

Dr Ryoichi Nakao M.D. explains his views on the mechanism of auto-urine therapy as follows:

First of all, in order to examine this mechanism, we have to consider that the efficacy of urine therapy does not show it to be a medicine. Urine is an information source about the disease in the body or, in other words, it is a copy of the changes occurring in the body.

Due to the following reasons, I believe that when this information in the urine passes through the throat it is analysed by sensors in the throat, and that the human immune system can then be activated to cure the disease. That is to say, signals are given by the brain which may activate the necessary functions for curing the ailment.

(1). Experiments were conducted and it was found that when the urine was induced into the stomach using a catheter, bypassing the throat for a period of one month, no efficacy was observed.

(2). The fact that cancer occurs in the bladder, urinary tract and kidneys proves that the presence of urine inside the body does not have any direct effect on carcinogenic cells. But when the same urine is taken orally and passes through the throat, a decrease in carcinogenic cell growth or the disappearance of cancer has been observed in cancer patients.

(3). Even if urine is not ingested but only gargled, the effects were found to be the same as when it was ingested.

(4). If gargling with water was done just after ingestion of urine no efficacy was observed.

(5). Interferon, one of many bio-active substances found in urine presents a situation analogous to that of auto-urine therapy in that only minute quantities taken orally are necessary to provide the brain with the information it needs to heal the body. In clinical trials, only 100 IU or 1/100,000 of the million international units of interferon given orally had the same effects as 10 million units administered by injections.
(Hayashibara Biochemical Labs., Inc Okayama, Japan and Dr Cummins of Amarillo Cell Culture, Amarillo Texas).

Because of the above findings, it can be assumed that sensor cells which can perceive extremely minute changes in the body, could control them if stimulated by the right information from urine. Such cells are found in the oral cavity and throat said Dr Ryoichi Nakao.

Dr Nakao's theory for the stimulation of cytokine production explains further that urine is the source of information for a given disease. When it is placed in the throat, the sensor cells detect this information, passing it to the brain. In its turn, the brain triggers the cytokine production gland which provides regulation for the immune system. From the brain, interleukin X, together with other enzymes, cause cytokines to be produced and thus effect a recovery from illness. Propolis, a substance extracted from honeycombs has been known since ancient times to have anti-bacterial and anti-tumorial effects. Urine mixed with propolis, enhances its efficacy against cancer, hepatitis and other diseases according to research in Japan. (Dr Ryoichi Nakao).

Immune system regulating factors were originally known as interleukin (IL). Later, interleukins, colony stimulating factors, interferon and other similar substances were generally called cytokines since they are secreted by cells, and affect other cells in one way or the other. (Dr Ryoichi Nakao).