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Urine Therapy


Thursday, 28 February 2013

Do you want soft skin & good complexion?

As the research studies show, urea replenishes the water content of the skin because it binds hydrogen and attracts moisture to the skin in a way that no mineral oil or glycerin-based lotions or creams can.

You 'll be absolutely amazed at the softness and beauty of your skin after even one treatment with a urine massage. Old dead skin immediately flakes away, and your skin becomes wonderfully soft, rosy and with time, even wrinkles will disappear. Urine massages have also been reported to eliminate varicose veins and cysts."
from Coen Van Der Kroon

Personally, I have been doing it very morning by using a cotton ball and applying the mid-stream urine on my face when I wake up.  I will let it dry on my face for few minutes before washing my face.  Throughout these years, my skin has become softer and radiant.  I think urine is the best moisturizer.

Dr. Ronnie Ng

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  1. How often do you massage yur face and intake urine,