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Urine Therapy


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Your Skin Is Beautiful

Urine therapy for skin involves rubbing and massaging of urine over problematic skin areas. Urine therapy benefits for skin include alleviating itching, acne, psoriasis, rosacea, scalp dryness and many other skin ailments.
Urine therapy for various skin problems is a much talked about topic in alternative form of skin treatment, mainly because of its antiseptic and healing properties.
When applied as a part of routine skin care regimen, urine clears the skin pores and provides some of the healthy nutrients, which altogether aid in correcting skin problems. Much of the toxicity issues of urine therapy revolve around direct ingestion of urine, and the risk factor is increasing urea level in the bloodstream. Otherwise, applying urine or massaging urine into skin is totally safe. The benefits of urine therapy for skin are evident from the known fact that, it is becoming a popular ingredient in beauty products.

The fresh early morning urine is mostly used for cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. While adopting urine therapy for skin, there are certain considerations. In order to reap maximum urine therapy benefits, one should make sure that healthy foods are consumed.
After washing your face in the morning rubbing your plain urine on your face and neck every morning will over time give your face a new and younger look. You may not notice it at first, but other people will …saying, “oh your skin is beautiful what do you use on it” or “your skin is glowing” or “I can’t believe you’re the age you say you are—you haven’t got a wrinkle”. These are just some of the comments you can expect.
Dr. Ronnie Ng

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