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Urine Therapy


Monday, 25 March 2013

Re-absorption and re-use of nutrients

Often most nutritive substances are obtained by body in sufficient quantities from the food. By drinking or massaging the urine on skin, a number of vitamins, amino acids, salts, hormones, etc. readily available in urine are possibly re-absorbed and reused as nutrients.

This is important especially during illness, when diseased body tissue enters the blood and must therefore be excreted. The filtering process in the kidneys should break down this tissue to its original materials, after which it can be re-used by the body to build up new tissue.

The composition of urine changes during illness, because certain essential substances do not reach their intended destination and are subsequently filtered out by the kidneys. A good example of this is liver blockage, which can result in hepatitis (inflammation of the liver). If a blockage develops in the liver, bile produced by the liver cannot reach the intestinal canal, instead seeps into the blood and subsequently ends up in the urine, resulting in weakness and nausea. The shortage of bile in the digestive tract restricts the digestion of fats and proteins. Therefore rest and a diet low in fats and proteins is usually prescribed.

However, the substance, which should digest these proteins and fats, can be found in the urine in precisely the correct amount. According to this theory, the application of urine therapy allows bile and other liver enzymes to be re-used instead of wasted.

This is just one example of an illness in which important substances can be re-used via urine. Research could also be conducted for other illnesses concerning the way in which important bodily substances can be saved and re-used.

Dr. Ronnie Ng

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