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Urine Therapy


Monday, 28 October 2013

Urine Therapy - Your Own Perfect Medicine

Martha Christy: Your Own Perfect Medicine

"In this extraordinary how-to book, Martha Christy examines research findings and testimonials relating to urine therapy, and includes step-by-step instructions to using urine therapy at home. In its examination of this ancient therapy which has been around for over 5,000 years, Your Own Perfect Medicine makes use of information from urologists, neurologists, immunologists, pediatricians, dermatologists and university researchers to state its case for urine therapy. Ms. Christy also answers the important question, "why haven't the thousands of findings on urine therapy been publicized?" This book is a valuable tool for the growing numbers of consumers who are determined to take control of their own health.

"It's the most astounding proven natural cure that medical science has ever discovered-and yet none of the incredible research findings on this incomparable natural medicine have ever been revealed to the public! Now, for the first time ever, learn to use this simple method and read about the startling and amazing medical cures that prestigious researchers and doctors themselves have witnessed in clinical use of this inexpensive, incredibly effective yet virtually unknown natural medicine. You owe it to yourself to permanently change your health for the better with the most proven, simplest natural cure in existence --- Your Own Perfect Medicine!.."

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Urine Therapy - Increase in Libido

Many people including myself have notice an increase in libido from urine therapy. Because urine will contain an array of different hormones including the sex hormones re-ingesting one's own urine can have a noticeable effect on sexual desire. The power of urine therapy's effect on sexual health will vary depending on the person. Someone who is suffering from a deficiency of sex hormones like testosterone, estrogen or dehydroepiandrosterone will consequently have less in their urine. A smart idea may be to consume foods or herbs that will boost the bodies innate production of these hormones and then to consume the urine afterwards. Men may like to try tongkat ali which stimulates the leydig cells in the gonads to produce high amounts of testosterone. When the body subsequently eliminates testosterone from the urine, drinking the urine backmay have a positive effect and may save you money as well. It's worked for me.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Urine Therapy - Rheumatoid Arthritis

One Woman's Experiences Just wanted to say how grateful I am to Martha Christy for writing her book. I was skeptical at first - who wouldn't be? But I have been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for 7 years (I'm 34) to the point where I have been nearly disabled at times; hospitalized because of the pain at times; and unable to function as a mother to my newborn 3 years ago.

I started with "MY" own perfect medicine about 16 months ago, and within 3 days... yes THREE DAYS my aches were dramatically decreased, my swollen joints began 'unswelling' and over the past 16 months my 'sed' rate has dropped from an alarming 90 - 100 to about 27; almost normal!!

Just wanted to let you know that Perfect Medicine is RIGHT ON in my opinion. Now, if we could just get others to understand. No one in my family understands even the concept of it... so needless to say not even my husband knows I'm doing this. They all just think "it's a miracle" that I'm feeling so much better. Well, it is a miracle. My OWN miracle!

By the way, I have also used the therapy to relieve dry skin patches on my legs and face, and minor acne problems. Have also sprayed it into my hair on nights when my husband works... and left it over night. When I washed in the morning, my hair was soft and shiny, and the dry spots were much smoother. And minor acne all but disappears over night. I swear by this stuff!!!



Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Urine Therapy - Join the thousands who drink their own urine.

Thousands of people drink their own urine and massage their skin with their own urine. Though urine therapy is no longer as popular as it used to be in the latter years of the Soviet Union, the practice is still in vogue with many citizens of Russia. There are no statistics whatsoever on the use of one’s own urine as a medicine. Practitioners of urine therapy otherwise known as uropaths reveal no information regarding detrimental effects of urinotherapy on their well-being.
“A person will live a long life if he massages his entire body with his own urine three times in daytime and three times at night.”
Promoters of urine therapy seem to form the basis of the practice by citing extracts from ancient wisdom. On the face of it, their arguments purport to be logical.

“You can start by sprinkling some urine over your hands so that you may feel its texture. Then smell the urine and check your reaction. If you feel nauseous, continue the procedure for a period of time until reaction starts to change for the better. Once the smell stops nauseating you and your attitude toward urine becomes neutral, use a dropper a put a bit of urine on your tongue.
You might as well like the taste of urine. Continue sampling until all your negative and positive emotions disappear and you start feeling completely neutral toward the urine. The technique will give your conscious a chance to stay pristine, without any thought, convention or some other nuisance interfering with the process.”
Urinating on superficial burns and stings has been commonly believed to be a popular folk remedy. Promoters of urine therapy say that “urine’s antiseptic properties cause mild burning and stinging sensations of the skin if the urine is applied to a cut or as an aftershave. It is still unclear which of the constituents of urine works as a topical antiseptic. Scientists still have to discover that constituent.”
Researcher Rinad Minvaleyev offers a different explanation of urine’s antiseptic properties. He suggests taking a closer look at the chemical makeup of urine. Aside from the main components – urea and water – urine also contains some quantities of hormones and metabolites, including corticosteroids. Corticosteroids are used in a variety of antiseptic ointments and creams, which can destroy germs and harmful microorganisms. Urine has a similar effect on the damaged skin when it comes to treatment of superficial burns, cuts and stings.
So have no fear when peeing on your finger if you get it burned. However, please make sure that your urine is clean and healthy. In other words, do not use your own urine as an aseptic if you have a kidney infection or a similar malady.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Urine Therapy - Detoxification

The tireness will past. Whatever you do, if you are going to practice urine therapy, drinking the first morning midstream is the way to do it. The urine you pass after 3am is the first morning urine. It has more of the essentials you need like hormones, enzymes, minerals, etc. It is the richest in vital substances of all the urine you pass during the day. (Night time urine is the least richest in vital substances and should be avoid.) When you first begin urine therapy, there can be side effects like headaches, tireness, rashes. This is good. It is part of the detoxification process cleaning out the body. It will past at different points in the startup for each individual. One thing you might try to eleviate the tireness or other startup side effects is to drink smaller amounts of urine and work your way up to one or two ounces at a time. Another thing you should do is sip it like tea. Do not gulp it down. If the odor offends you at first, hold your nose while drinking and you won't smell it at all. After a few days, you won't smell an odor at all. Also, the urine you pass will become clearer and clearer because of the recycling. Stick with it! It has helped me with my problems. I started noticing improvements in some of the in less than a week's time. Others will take longer but I am a believer now and you will be too. Start the body massages as soon as possible. This will be a big, big help in reaping the full benefits of urine therapy. Make sure you massage your feet, neck and face, especially, but as much of the entire body as you can. Wait 20 to thirty minutes and shower rinse without soap. Stick with it and you won't be sorry.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Urine Therapy - Testimonies Of Some Succesful Cases

Can you quote some successful cases that you have treated?

What is the patients’ feedback?

My experience runs to so many years and if I start quoting, it will fill a 200-page note book. No patient who has started this therapy with faith has come back and told me that the therapy was totally useless. You must have faith and patience. A few illustrative cases:

One: A young man of 40 had been suffering from asthma from childhood. he came because he was curious and wanted to know more about AUT. I convinced him and he started it, inspite of his brother, being an M.D. (General Medicine), calling him crazy for having faith in auto-urine therapy. he persisted with the diet control, naturopathy and auto-urine therapy and got completely cured in 10 months.

Two: A young man suffering from psoriasis wanted to commit suicide because he thought that he had committed some sin in his last birth and that he was suffering because of that. He started with auto-urine therapy. Results started showing in 6 weeks but he got completely cured in 4 months.

Three: A lady aged 45 years was being treated by a physician in one of the five star hospitals in Bombay for rheumatoid arthritis. She was immobile with a lot of pain. She was treated in a hospital with allopathic medicines including cortisone, but only got temporary relief of about 15%-20% as well as a lot of side-effects because of the drugs. She came to me and I convinced her to start an auto-urine (shivambu) fast. She fasted continuously for 8 days by taking auto-urine (all that she passed) and plain water. Astonishingly, she got totally cured on the 9th day. She is still doing it and is quite healthy.

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