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Urine Therapy


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Urine Therapy - Testimonies Of Some Succesful Cases

Can you quote some successful cases that you have treated?

What is the patients’ feedback?

My experience runs to so many years and if I start quoting, it will fill a 200-page note book. No patient who has started this therapy with faith has come back and told me that the therapy was totally useless. You must have faith and patience. A few illustrative cases:

One: A young man of 40 had been suffering from asthma from childhood. he came because he was curious and wanted to know more about AUT. I convinced him and he started it, inspite of his brother, being an M.D. (General Medicine), calling him crazy for having faith in auto-urine therapy. he persisted with the diet control, naturopathy and auto-urine therapy and got completely cured in 10 months.

Two: A young man suffering from psoriasis wanted to commit suicide because he thought that he had committed some sin in his last birth and that he was suffering because of that. He started with auto-urine therapy. Results started showing in 6 weeks but he got completely cured in 4 months.

Three: A lady aged 45 years was being treated by a physician in one of the five star hospitals in Bombay for rheumatoid arthritis. She was immobile with a lot of pain. She was treated in a hospital with allopathic medicines including cortisone, but only got temporary relief of about 15%-20% as well as a lot of side-effects because of the drugs. She came to me and I convinced her to start an auto-urine (shivambu) fast. She fasted continuously for 8 days by taking auto-urine (all that she passed) and plain water. Astonishingly, she got totally cured on the 9th day. She is still doing it and is quite healthy.

Dr. B.V. Khare
158 Yashodhan, Hindu colony,
Sir Bhalchandra Road, Dadar
Mumbai - 400 014 Tel: 414 5774.

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