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Urine Therapy


Thursday, 29 August 2013

Urine Therapy - For External Use

For skin problems such as burns, wounds, gangrene, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, fungus problems ageing skin as well as over inner tumours, inflammations and diseased organs a urine or urea pack or a combination of both is very effective: keep the affected area covered with a folded cloth well moistened with urine or concentrated urea solution, put another cloth or plastic sheet on top, renew several times daily.

Urine becomes more alkaline when standing for a few hours and is then more effective than fresh urine for external applications. However it also smells much more and fresh urine seems to be adequate in my experience. With gangrene, dead flesh, skin infections and open cancer and ulcer sores it is even more effective to saturate the applied urine with urea, that also removes offensive odours. With weeping or suppurating wounds, especially if associated with foul odour, it is also very beneficial to cover the area with dry urea crystals.

Urine can be concentrated by leaving it for several hours in a flat dish in the sun or a warm place. This has been recommended by Armstrong for friction rubs to rejuvenate ageing skin. Armstrong also recommended urine packs over tumour sites or diseased organs in addition to rubbing the body daily for two hours with small amounts of urine.

The main problem with urine packs is the offensive odour. You may try to prevent it by sealing the pack with a good tape, such as duct tape. You may completely seal it and keep the pack moist by injecting fresh urine several times a day with a syringe.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Urine Therapy - For My Skin

After more than 2 years of using urine therapy my skin is impeccable, it glows and feels as soft and new. The first time I applied it to my face there was a tingling feeling on my skin, obviously reacting to the foreign substance applied. After weeks of application my skin had no reaction when the urine was applied. To my surprise and you maybe shocked, there is no foul smell on the skin after the urine is applied and it disappears and is visually undetectable. That observation made me continue as the odor could have deterred my interest in finding the end result.

What I did every morning is to pee the mid stream urine into a cup.  I will use a facial tissue to wipe on my face  (forehead, chin, colse to the eyes, jaws, avoiding the lips and eyes). I allow the skin to process the urine therapy for several minutes before washing my face. You may wish to let the urine stay a little longer on your face before washing.  Usually, between 10 minutes to half an hour should be sufficient. 

If you have certain skin conditions such as acne, blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads etc, you may want to try urine therapy.  You won't know if you don't try.  Don't feel embarassed in trying as with time, you may realise the benefits of urine therapy.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Urine Therapy - An Acquired Taste

It cannot be denied that urine is an acquired taste. The taste itself is variable, but can range from almost tasteless to extremely salty. If you are really into urine therapy, you would have to watch your diet carefully, because your urine would ultimately reflect what you ate.

The typical practice in urine therapy is to drink the first piss of the morning. Drink only the midstream, which means to let the first few seconds of urine pass and then only collecting the stream after that. Another essential practice is to rub your urine on your skin and/or scalp. For this purpose, urine that has been stored for several days is much better as it is claimed to be softer on the skin.

The benefits of urine therapy are claimed to be numerous, but among them, urine therapy has been said to cure cancer, diabetes, various skin diseases, anemia, digestive problems, colds, and many degenerative diseases. Urine applied topically to the skin is said to be a great rejuvenator for the skin, diminishing wrinkles, increasing moisture to the skin, and getting rid of acne. It is likely to be a great anti aging agent, as urine contains many hormones like DHEA and melatonin, and perhaps HGH too.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Urine Therapy - Cure Liver Cancer

A dying person will try everything. I started the urine treatment. Dr Sarvesh Vora (Mumbai) arranged a mass prayer for me. This kindled a fire of faith in me. Same day I took discharge from the Cancer Hospital "against medical advice".
Though I had heard and read several things about urine therapy, I had never tried it earlier. Every day I started drinking urine 1.5 to 2 glasses. In the beginning, nausea, vomiting, bitter taste were experienced; but after 15 days, the mouth ulcers healed. The bleeding from my gums stopped. After spending thousands of rupees and months of medical treatment, this tiny relief gave ma a lot of hope and increased faith.
Now I started a disciplined approach. I changed my lifestyle. Early morning took 5 to 7 glasses of Tulsi+mint decoction. Consumed all the urine produced as a result. After that, carrot juice, cabbage juice, leafy vegetable soups, fruit juices were taken every 2 hours. All shivambu produced thereby was also consumed. Thus throughout the day:
5-6 glasses fruit juices
7 glasses urine
7 glasses boiled water
Within a month, I obtained significant relief from inflammation of stomach, drowsiness, insomnia. I could pay more attention to my routine work as well as carry out daily treatment with more zeal.
After three months of this plan, a miracle happened one morning. When I visited the toilet as usual, I got blood clots similar to menstrual clots, in my stool. The entire toilet got soiled with them. I picked up some clots in a polyethylene bag and sent them to the pathology lab. The reports arrived in ten days and stated that they were indeed tumors from my liver. Repeat gastroscopy at the Cancer hospital showed a "normal" report. I had won a long tedious war.
Health was improving at a faster rate now. Based on literature and old experience, along with liquids, I started taking Amalaki rasayan [an Ayurvedic formula containing Indian gooseberry or amla (Phyllanthus emblica)], chyvanprash [an Ayurvedic mixture of herbs, spices and other components] and coarsely ground black sesame seeds. This experiment continued for nearly 15 months without any solid food.
Today I am healthy. I feel I am 40 and not 50 years old. I have become a miracle story amongst my friends and relatives.
Above article appeared in ‘Shivambu Parivar Directory' printed in 1995, by Water of Life Foundation, India. This foundation was founded by Dr G. K. Thakkar. The directory was published by painstaking efforts by Dr Jagdip Shah, MD (Obstetrics and Gynecology). Despite being a busy doctor birthing several babies every day, he is a most active member of Water of Life Foundation, India.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Urine Therapy - Improving Eyesight

If you want to use urine therapy to improve your eyesight you would need to apply few drops of urine on the eyes morning and evening. But if you want to work even further take a eye bowl and bath your eyes for 15 seconds for each eye in the urine. If you do not have eye bowl you can also splash your eyes with urine. You should also splash your eyes with cold water several times a day but that should be separate from the time when you apply the urine.

Many people have cured many eye problems with urine therapy. I have cured my conjunctivitis by splashing urine on my eyes. I have tried this more than once successfully. Many people were able to cure cataract in their eyes and reduce the power of glasses in their eyes thus developing better vision.
If you drink urine it will detoxify your Liver. Recent studies show that there is a relationship between liver health and eyesight. Since drinking urine improves the liver health by removing toxins that also leads to better eyesight.

Here is a link to a video you can see as testimonial.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Urine Therapy - Mechanism Of Auto-Urine Therapy

Dr Ryoichi Nakao M.D. explains his views on the mechanism of auto-urine therapy as follows:

First of all, in order to examine this mechanism, we have to consider that the efficacy of urine therapy does not show it to be a medicine. Urine is an information source about the disease in the body or, in other words, it is a copy of the changes occurring in the body.

Due to the following reasons, I believe that when this information in the urine passes through the throat it is analysed by sensors in the throat, and that the human immune system can then be activated to cure the disease. That is to say, signals are given by the brain which may activate the necessary functions for curing the ailment.
(1). Experiments were conducted and it was found that when the urine was induced into the stomach using a catheter, bypassing the throat for a period of one month, no efficacy was observed.

(2). The fact that cancer occurs in the bladder, urinary tract and kidneys proves that the presence of urine inside the body does not have any direct effect on carcinogenic cells. But when the same urine is taken orally and passes through the throat, a decrease in carcinogenic cell growth or the disappearance of cancer has been observed in cancer patients.

(3). Even if urine is not ingested but only gargled, the effects were found to be the same as when it was ingested.

(4). If gargling with water was done just after ingestion of urine no efficacy was observed.

(5). Interferon, one of many bio-active substances found in urine presents a situation analogous to that of auto-urine therapy in that only minute quantities taken orally are necessary to provide the brain with the information it needs to heal the body. In clinical trials, only 100 IU or 1/100,000 of the million international units of interferon given orally had the same effects as 10 million units administered by injections.
(Hayashibara Biochemical Labs., Inc Okayama, Japan and Dr Cummins of Amarillo Cell Culture, Amarillo Texas).

Because of the above findings, it can be assumed that sensor cells which can perceive extremely minute changes in the body, could control them if stimulated by the right information from urine. Such cells are found in the oral cavity and throat said Dr Ryoichi Nakao.

Dr Nakao's theory for the stimulation of cytokine production explains further that urine is the source of information for a given disease. When it is placed in the throat, the sensor cells detect this information, passing it to the brain. In its turn, the brain triggers the cytokine production gland which provides regulation for the immune system. From the brain, interleukin X, together with other enzymes, cause cytokines to be produced and thus effect a recovery from illness. Propolis, a substance extracted from honeycombs has been known since ancient times to have anti-bacterial and anti-tumorial effects. Urine mixed with propolis, enhances its efficacy against cancer, hepatitis and other diseases according to research in Japan. (Dr Ryoichi Nakao).

Immune system regulating factors were originally known as interleukin (IL). Later, interleukins, colony stimulating factors, interferon and other similar substances were generally called cytokines since they are secreted by cells, and affect other cells in one way or the other. (Dr Ryoichi Nakao).

The following is from my book
"Urine The Holy Water"

Monday, 12 August 2013

Urine Therapy and Weight Loss

The success of urine therapy for weight control has been proven over and over again. As we know, the general function of urine is to purify the bloodstream. Once this process of blood purification starts, a host of other problems begin to cure by themselves. It has been seen that the cleaner and more toxin-free the blood stream is, the healthier the person will be. That is why, we say that exercises lead to improved blood circulation and thereby weight loss. Other problems that the body faces like hormonal imbalance, high cholesterol and accumulation of fat, along with several other problems that are either directly or indirectly related to weight gain, will start to get cured and therefore will lead to the shedding of excess weight. In this manner urine therapy for weight loss has proved to be beneficial.

Other Advantages
Urine can be used both internally and externally.
Urine therapy strengthens the immune system of the body and thereby prevents the occurrence of the common cold, coughs, flu and infection.
It is helpful in treating chronic fatigue syndrome and anemia.
It cures all urinary diseases as well as jaundice, diabetes, asthma, polio and TB.
Gargling with urine helps to clear a sore throat and gum problems.
When urine is rubbed on the skin, it can make the skin glow.
It also works as a natural moisturizer by opening the pores of the skin and absorbing the moisture better.
Its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties are extraordinary.
It is a natural diuretic.
It helps in curing skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis and healing wounds better and faster.
It helps in curing swelling, edema and glaucoma.
It also heals patients suffering from epilepsy and meningitis problems.
It has been known to have anticancer properties.
It helps in curing impotence in men.

It prevents heart attacks by dissolving the blood clots and unblocking the coronary arteries.
Now that you know what the several benefits of urine therapy are and how urine therapy can be used for weight loss, are you not willing to at least give it a try?

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Urine Therapy - In Alternative Medicine

In alternative medicine, urine therapy involves the use of urine (usually one’s own) to treat various kinds of ailments. This can either be through drinking of urine, or applying it externally to various parts of the body. While most people would think of urine as mostly containing the body’s dirty and toxic wastes, practitioners of urine therapy would claim that urine actually contains by-products from the body that are actually full of helpful minerals.
Some ailments purported to be cured by urine therapy include psoriasis, eczema, hepatitis, hyperactivity, allergies, and the like. Here are a few ways you can use urine to cure ailments.

Taken internally
Urine is said to help enhance its drinker’s immune system. Urine can also help cleanse one’s intestines, and can fight against colds and flu.
  • Urine can be taken as a tonic every morning. A glass of your own urine early in the morning is said to replenish all the minerals that your body passes through in your first morning urination.
  • Urine can be gargled as an antiseptic for treating sore throat.
  • Drinking your own urine on an empty stomach will act as a laxative.
  • Douche with urine to help alleviate symptoms of yeast infection.
  • Urine can also be used as an enema to help cleanse the colon.
  • Sore eyes (conjunctivitis) and glaucoma can be treated by dropping urine into the eyes.
  • Ear infections can also be treated with urine drops.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Urine Therapy - Teeth Withening

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, teeth whitening is the most requested cosmetic service today. Last year alone, Americans spent 1.4 billion dollars on over-the-counter whitening products to obtain that classic Hollywood smile.

That’s right, urine is the absolute best teeth-whitening product you can find. It’s chemical-free, effective, and costs nothing at all. Since the days of ancient Rome, people have been using urine to whiten their teeth. Romans would also use it to do their dishes and laundry, since the ammonia in urine functions as a natural cleaner. Yup, Romans just pissed everywhere and they became a global power!