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Urine Therapy


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Urine Therapy - Improving Eyesight

If you want to use urine therapy to improve your eyesight you would need to apply few drops of urine on the eyes morning and evening. But if you want to work even further take a eye bowl and bath your eyes for 15 seconds for each eye in the urine. If you do not have eye bowl you can also splash your eyes with urine. You should also splash your eyes with cold water several times a day but that should be separate from the time when you apply the urine.

Many people have cured many eye problems with urine therapy. I have cured my conjunctivitis by splashing urine on my eyes. I have tried this more than once successfully. Many people were able to cure cataract in their eyes and reduce the power of glasses in their eyes thus developing better vision.
If you drink urine it will detoxify your Liver. Recent studies show that there is a relationship between liver health and eyesight. Since drinking urine improves the liver health by removing toxins that also leads to better eyesight.

Here is a link to a video you can see as testimonial.


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