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Urine Therapy


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Urine Therapy - Re -absorption of hormones

Since the acids, pepsins and enzymes in the digestive tract harm proteins, the hormones re-absorbed into the body from urine when consumed orally, are mainly the small ones, which are not proteins (protein-complexes). The sex hormones, adrenal gland hormones and thyroid hormones are almost certainly be re-absorbed, the effects of which, need to be more closely researched. The external application of urine to the skin allows hormones to be re-absorbed by the body without being destroyed. Massaging with urine is therefore an important complementary component of urine therapy as urine is directly absorbed into the tissue. Enemas are also a good way to prevent destruction of certain hormones by gastric juices which, is why this method often helps to cure allergic disorders better. The same applies for urine injections.

Re-absorption can be vital in two ways. Firstly certain hormones have a very specific effect during a healing process. For example cortico-steroids secreted by the adrenal cortex inhibit infections and have a positive effect in the treatment of allergies such as asthma and hay fever, skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis and inflammatory illnesses such as rheumatism. Auto Urine therapy has proved to be an extremely effective aid in the treatment of all these illnesses, but it has not yet been demonstrated that these hormones play a part in the treatment.

Secondly, re-absorption can be a means for the body to generally conserve energy. Re-ingestion of hormones gives the body the chance to re-use at least a number of these, so that it is not necessary to spend energy on manufacturing new hormones.

Hormones are actually extremely powerful molecules, the production of which requires a great deal of energy. Once produced they are able to cause a complete alteration in the balance of bodily processes, the personality, the emotions and the state of mind, even if only a few molecules are released. So even the slightest re-absorption of hormones may well have a powerful effect on our state of health and level of energy.

A hormone melatonin released from pineal gland is found in urine, which has a calming effect. The concentration of this hormone is found to be more in first sample of urine in early morning. Melatonin also has a powerful anti-cancer effect and anti aging property.

It is quite possible that the sages of olden times were well aware of the hormonal effects of urine. They state that if a person is unable to urinate, the urine from somebody of the same sex is acceptable but not from somebody of the other sex.

Although cultural and social factors could have played a part in this rule, the fact is that female urine contains considerably greater amounts of female hormones such as estrogen. If ingested over a long period of time by a man, this could have a feminizing effect. The opposite is true for a woman who ingests male urine.

Some people recommend using the first urine after sexual intercourse. During the process of sexual stimulation certain hormones are released by the higher endocrine glands which have a regenerating and rejuvenating effect on the body. This applies for men as well as women.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Components In Urine

Urine is not a dirty and toxic substance rejected by the body. Urine is a by-product of blood filtration, not waste filtration.

Medically it is referred to as "plasma ultrafiltrate". It is a purified derivative of the blood itself, made by the kidneys--whose principal function is not excretion but regulation of all the elements and their concentrations in the blood. Urine can be compared to leftovers from a meal, and this metaphor may help us understand why our bodies excrete elements that are valuable to our health and well-being.

Nutrient-filled blood passes through the liver where toxins are removed to be excreted as solid waste. Eventually, this purified "clean" blood undergoes a filtering process in the kidneys, where excess water, salts, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antibodies, urea, uric acid and other elements not usable at that time by the body are collected in the form of a purified, sterile, watery solution that is urine. The function of the kidneys is to keep the various elements in the blood balanced.

The important elements in the blood are not filtered out because they are toxic and harmful to the body, but simply because the body does not need a particular concentration of an element at that specific point in time.

It is this very regulating process of the kidneys that allows us to eat and drink more than our bodies need at any one time.


Urine is estimated to have thousands of biochemical compounds, but only 200 or so have been studied. It contains an incredible array of critically important nutrients, enzymes, hormones, natural antibodies and immune defense agents.

Some of these components are well worth further consideration--such as:

·      allantoin (also found in comfrey, known as "bone-knit", and in aloe vera, which guards against sunburn)

·      the amino acid creatinine (popular with body-builders)

·      DHEA hormone (proven by research to have anti-ageing, anticancer and anti-obesity properties)

·      melatonin (known for its calming effect while strengthening the physical body and immunity)

·      sex hormones such as testosterone, androgen and oestrogen

In view of such an array of ingredients, it is easier to understand urine’s effects:

·      antibacterial

·      antifungal

·      antiviral

·      antineoplastic

·      anticonvulsive

·      antispasmodic

Monday, 25 March 2013

Re-absorption and re-use of nutrients

Often most nutritive substances are obtained by body in sufficient quantities from the food. By drinking or massaging the urine on skin, a number of vitamins, amino acids, salts, hormones, etc. readily available in urine are possibly re-absorbed and reused as nutrients.

This is important especially during illness, when diseased body tissue enters the blood and must therefore be excreted. The filtering process in the kidneys should break down this tissue to its original materials, after which it can be re-used by the body to build up new tissue.

The composition of urine changes during illness, because certain essential substances do not reach their intended destination and are subsequently filtered out by the kidneys. A good example of this is liver blockage, which can result in hepatitis (inflammation of the liver). If a blockage develops in the liver, bile produced by the liver cannot reach the intestinal canal, instead seeps into the blood and subsequently ends up in the urine, resulting in weakness and nausea. The shortage of bile in the digestive tract restricts the digestion of fats and proteins. Therefore rest and a diet low in fats and proteins is usually prescribed.

However, the substance, which should digest these proteins and fats, can be found in the urine in precisely the correct amount. According to this theory, the application of urine therapy allows bile and other liver enzymes to be re-used instead of wasted.

This is just one example of an illness in which important substances can be re-used via urine. Research could also be conducted for other illnesses concerning the way in which important bodily substances can be saved and re-used.

Dr. Ronnie Ng

Sunday, 24 March 2013

What You Know About Urea

If you asked a person on the street what uric acid is, he or she would invariably answer that it's a toxic body waste. No so, say medical researchers at the University of California at Berkeley who in 1982 reported they had discovered that "uric acid destroys body-damaging, cancer-causing free radicals and is considered to be one of the physiological factors that enable human beings to live so much longer than other mammals."

But what about urea? Urea is in urine and isn't that the toxic stuff that causes uremic poisoning? Actually, medical researchers discovered many decades ago that urea, far from being a toxic body waste, is an incredibly versatile, far-reaching and effective medicinal agent. In numerous medical studies, it was shown that urea is one of the most potent non-toxic virucidal agents ever discovered.

 In one particular study, the rabies and polio virus [sic] were killed so quickly and efficiently by concentrated urea, that even the laconic researchers themselves were surprised: "Urea is such a relatively inactive substance and certainly not a protoplasmic poison such as are most virucidal agents, that it is in a way surprising that rabies and poliomyelitis are killed so easily by urea solutions" (McKay & Schroeder, Society of Experimental Biology, 1936).

In reality, Urea is an FDA-approved medicinal agent that doctors and researchers utilize in an amazing variety of therapeutic modalities. Because of its remarkable and comprehensive anti-neoplastic (anti-tumor) properties, it's presently being used in anti-cancer drugs and is extensively studied for use in cancer treatments. The urea compound drug, glicazide, is used successfully by the medical establishment in treating both insulin-dependent and non-insulin-dependent diabetics.

As a natural diuretic, urea is unparalleled, and is a proven and accepted treatment in cases of edema or swelling such as excess cerebral and spinal pressure, glaucoma, epilepsy, meningitis, even premenstrual edema and many other disorders in which excess fluid is a problem. As one American neurosurgeon reported regarding a patient who nearly died form complications following brain surgery: "Urea was administered intravenously as an emergency measure. Within 20 minutes from the start of injection, her blood pressure had returned to normal....from this time on her recovery was uneventful. In this case, urea was definitely life-saving, because prior to its administration, the patient's survival was unlikely. In many similar instances urea was found to be life-saving" (Dr. M. Javid, University of Wisconsin).

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Antibodies In Your Urine

Dr John Armstrong, for the first time, revolutionised the concept of natural urine therapy and re-established its scientific validity in his book, The Water of Life. During recent times, the medical application of urine and its constituents have been tested, discussed, researched and utilised throughout the world. Hundreds of research evidences and thousands of case studies are documented. Medical scientists sat in their laboratories and watched as urine completely devastated rabies and polioviruses, tuberculosis, typhoid, gonorrhoea, dysentery, bacteria and cancer cells.

Urine has also been found to be useful in treating diseases like cancer, gout, osteoporosis, impotence, obesity, asthma, bums, tuberculosis, blisters, cuts, wounds, cataract, coughs and colds, constipation, diabetes, eczema, gangrene, heart disease, hyperacidity, diseases of the stomach and intestines, pulmonary tuberculosis, psoriasis, piles and ringworm, uterus inflammation and stiffness of the vertebral column.

Our disgust for urine is the result of prejudice conditioned by cultural influences. Otherwise its taste is not very unpalatable.

An individual's own urine contains elements like antibodies that are specific to one's body alone and are medically tailor-made to particular health disorder. That is why you should use your own urine for therapy.

Monday, 18 March 2013

How Does Urine Therapy Work?

What is urine therapy? How does it work?
Urine therapy means using (your own) urine externally or internally as a way to promote or maintain your health.
The first question that probably comes to mind is whether urine is not a toxic substance and how a toxic waste product could ever be of any benefit for your health.
Well, urine is NOT a toxic waste product and this has been scientifically proven.
95% of urine is water, 2.5% consists of urea and the remaining 2.5% is a mixture of minerals, salt, hormones and enzymes. Toxic substances are being removed from the body through the liver and intestines, through the skin and through the outbreath.
The main function of the kidneys is to keep the composition of the blood in optimal balance. When there is to much water, the kidneys will remove it. But that doesn't make water into a toxic waste product.
Only the substance urea can be poisonous when present in very large amounts in the blood. However, this is irrelevant in the practice of drinking urine, as urine is not immediately put back in the bloodstream. In the small amounts urea gets back into the body, it is purifying, clears up excess mucus and has a number of specific, very useful effects. Moreover, it has a wonderful healing and tonifying effect when applied to the skin.
You can find urea in many skin products as one of the main components- specifically in many woman cosmetics.
Furthermore, urine is entirely sterile after secretion and has an antiseptic effect. We are talking here about urine from the point of view of somebody who follows a reasonably healthy diet, and who does not use chemical drugs or allopathic medicines. Urine therapy is a method based upon the principle of 'natural cycles'.
As long as we do not interfere chemically with the body's natural cycle, the body produces urine which is perfectly suitable for re-cycling. If you ingest a great deal of chemical substances - and these days all kinds of processed food contain chemicals - part of this will end up in the urine, in which case the composition of the urine changes. Normally, however, urine is a healthy substance which contains healthy, harmless and nourishing components.
Some natural cycles take place more quickly than others, but the cycle in general is the foundation of all life. If we let nature run her course, there will be no waste, and a disturbed equilibrium will always come back into balance. Just as we are capable of disturbing a natural equilibrium, we can also do our part in helping nature recover her balance. In order to support such a recovering of balance, we are equipped with a wonderful, natural 'house pharmacy': our own urine provides us with a swift and safe method for using the powers of the natural cycle.

What exactly are the effects of urine therapy?

Briefly, if urine is ingested and/or rubbed into the skin, it purifies blood and tissues, provides useful nutrients and sends the body a signal about what is in or out of balance. This last effect is called (oral) auto-immunization. This brings us to a last important feature of urine. Urine itself is, as said, not a toxic waste product. It does contain however minute particles connected with possible disease processes in the body. These minute particles are mainly antibodies, which upon re-ingesting can help the body to react on specific pathological situations.
Urine therapy has proven helpful in a great number of various diseases, ranging from a simple cold and a throat-ache, to tuberculosis and asthma, from minor skin problems such as itching, to more serious skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and even skin cancer.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Make A Start On Urine Therapy

The middle stream of fresh, warm, morning urine is the most potent, and drinking it mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice is probably the fastest way to accomplish this task, although it is best not to mix urine with other foods or drinks or to take it within an hour before or after eating.

Oral drops of fresh urine can be placed directly under the tongue. Urine therapists suggest their patients start with 5 drops of fresh morning urine on the first day, increase to 10 drops on the second day, and take 10 drops on the morning of the third day and the same amount that evening before going to bed. Once patients feel comfortable with this therapy, they can gradually increase the amount as they see fit to obtain the results required for their body's condition. Over time, they can learn to adjust the amount that is needed by observing their reactions to the therapy; their dosage may become as much as one full cup at a time!

Self-urine may be used as eye drops and ear drops, in foot baths and even as effective enemas. Nose drops can help loosen mucus and clear up blocked nasal passages. Gargling with it is helpful for a sore throat, and inhaling it relieves sinus and respiratory congestion. Taken internally, it has a laxative and diuretic effect, as it cleanses the digestive tract.

Dr John Armstrong (author of The Water of Life) emphasises the need to massage with urine. He insists that cures work faster and more effectively in those who are bathed, massaged, rubbed and soaked in their own urine. He highly recommends it for more serious illnesses, since urine is absorbed through the skin and the hormonal and protein-based contents are slowly reabsorbed into the system, bypassing digestive juices that otherwise may have neutralised their potency. In this way, it also works as an excellent cosmetic for moisturising and healing skin blemishes, burns and scar tissue. However, for this usage, it is preferable to use urine that is 4 - 8 days old. The smell of ammonia in the old urine is not toxic but actually beneficial if used topically only, and not taken internally.
Dr. Ronnie Ng

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Your Skin Is Beautiful

Urine therapy for skin involves rubbing and massaging of urine over problematic skin areas. Urine therapy benefits for skin include alleviating itching, acne, psoriasis, rosacea, scalp dryness and many other skin ailments.
Urine therapy for various skin problems is a much talked about topic in alternative form of skin treatment, mainly because of its antiseptic and healing properties.
When applied as a part of routine skin care regimen, urine clears the skin pores and provides some of the healthy nutrients, which altogether aid in correcting skin problems. Much of the toxicity issues of urine therapy revolve around direct ingestion of urine, and the risk factor is increasing urea level in the bloodstream. Otherwise, applying urine or massaging urine into skin is totally safe. The benefits of urine therapy for skin are evident from the known fact that, it is becoming a popular ingredient in beauty products.

The fresh early morning urine is mostly used for cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. While adopting urine therapy for skin, there are certain considerations. In order to reap maximum urine therapy benefits, one should make sure that healthy foods are consumed.
After washing your face in the morning rubbing your plain urine on your face and neck every morning will over time give your face a new and younger look. You may not notice it at first, but other people will …saying, “oh your skin is beautiful what do you use on it” or “your skin is glowing” or “I can’t believe you’re the age you say you are—you haven’t got a wrinkle”. These are just some of the comments you can expect.
Dr. Ronnie Ng