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Urine Therapy


Monday, 12 August 2013

Urine Therapy and Weight Loss

The success of urine therapy for weight control has been proven over and over again. As we know, the general function of urine is to purify the bloodstream. Once this process of blood purification starts, a host of other problems begin to cure by themselves. It has been seen that the cleaner and more toxin-free the blood stream is, the healthier the person will be. That is why, we say that exercises lead to improved blood circulation and thereby weight loss. Other problems that the body faces like hormonal imbalance, high cholesterol and accumulation of fat, along with several other problems that are either directly or indirectly related to weight gain, will start to get cured and therefore will lead to the shedding of excess weight. In this manner urine therapy for weight loss has proved to be beneficial.

Other Advantages
Urine can be used both internally and externally.
Urine therapy strengthens the immune system of the body and thereby prevents the occurrence of the common cold, coughs, flu and infection.
It is helpful in treating chronic fatigue syndrome and anemia.
It cures all urinary diseases as well as jaundice, diabetes, asthma, polio and TB.
Gargling with urine helps to clear a sore throat and gum problems.
When urine is rubbed on the skin, it can make the skin glow.
It also works as a natural moisturizer by opening the pores of the skin and absorbing the moisture better.
Its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties are extraordinary.
It is a natural diuretic.
It helps in curing skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis and healing wounds better and faster.
It helps in curing swelling, edema and glaucoma.
It also heals patients suffering from epilepsy and meningitis problems.
It has been known to have anticancer properties.
It helps in curing impotence in men.

It prevents heart attacks by dissolving the blood clots and unblocking the coronary arteries.
Now that you know what the several benefits of urine therapy are and how urine therapy can be used for weight loss, are you not willing to at least give it a try?


  1. JoyAlive, I have just stumbled upon your blog via a Google search. I have read all the side bar posts -- are there past posts? I am a mere beginner and would like more information about how you got started with Urine Therapy. Am feeling the need of support.

    1. Hi Barbara,
      My older posts are at the bottom, right-hand corner sorted in chronological order.