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Urine Therapy


Sunday, 29 September 2013

Urine Therapy - Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common beauty and dermatological complication among adults with many reporting complications associated with hair loss in response to poor diet and hormonal changes. If you are noticing that your hair is beginning to thin in some areas, it is important to consider not only traditional medicinal solutions for hair loss but also solutions that are natural and may help to slow the progression.

For many hair loss sufferers, there is a desire to restore lost hair but, even more importantly, to slow the progression of continued hair loss. Rather than expending the cost for traditional dermatological treatments and surgeries for hair transplant, alternative solutions for slowing hair loss are usually considered. When considering options for natural solutions, urine therapy has become increasingly more popular as an option over traditional medicine.

Because hair loss is believed to be associated with the vital loss of healthy proteins in the hair follicles, the options for natural remedies typically are founded on the principle that proteins can be replenished and hair follicles made stronger. It is under this guise of treatment foundation that the use of urine therapy is becoming increasingly common among hair loss sufferers in the United States.
Using urine, sulphur powder and mashed potatoes, a natural health practitioner can create the compound that is needed for hair loss prevention. While there is much debate over the effectiveness of this remedy, many natural health practitioners are recommending it to their clients. With daily use, by placing the compound solution on the head, hair loss sufferers are commonly reporting that the rate by which they are losing hair is slowed and this fosters further healthy hair growth.

If you are considering options for hair loss treatment, it may be prudent to investigate the options for natural treatment before diving into traditional therapy or even transplant surgery. While urine therapy for hair loss is still highly controversial, if your natural medicine specialist recommends such treatment, it may be worth trying before expending large amounts of dollars on other forms of care.
Sources: Urine Therapy: Nature's Elixir for Good Health, by Flora Peschek-Bohmer


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