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Urine Therapy


Monday, 2 September 2013

Urine Therapy - And Your Blood Pressure

1. Low Blood-Pressure: Shri Devdas Pandya of Nadiad (of Kala Mandir)
suffered from Low Blood-Pressure, and was feeling discomfort and
weakness from it. He had a relative who was a Vaidya (physician) and
wanted him to undertake urine treatment. (He did so, and) as a
result, his blood-pressure went up from 110 to 122, and weakness
diminished. Now he has overcome nausea and can participate in a
number of activities without feeling any exertion.

2. Shri Ratilal Mody (7, Triveni Plot No. 62, Shiva, Bombay) had
tried this therapy in full faith. He was suffering from High Blood-
Pressure for the last 30 years and had Diabetes and Eczema too! He
managed to bring his blood pressure and Diabetes under control and
cured the Eczema. It is no wonder Urine Therapy is really an all-in-
one cure treatment.

3. Shrimati Saralaben R. Desai, (Vadifalia, Store Sheri, Surat),
thirty years old, had High Blood-Pressure during pregnancy. This is
certainly a serious symptom. Doctors could not bring it down. She
began to take auto-urine in 4 oz. doses. She could not fast, nor did
she rub urine. Even then, blood-pressure became normal, and delivery
was quite easy. She recommended that all pregnant women take auto-
urine to keep free from big or small ailments during pregnancy

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