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Urine Therapy


Monday, 25 February 2013


URINE THERAPY : NATURE'S ELIXIR FOR GOOD HEALTH by Flora Peschek-Bohmer, Ph.D., and Gisela Schreiber. Translated from the German by Hans-Georg Bakker. 152 pp. Rochester, Vermont : Healing Arts Press, 1999.

The following are some of the reviews:

If you have a chronic pain condition this is one of the best healing therapies to practice. This is not a bandaid therapy, it cures ... and cures most dis-eases known to mankind. Our creator gave us the cure, our bodies create the cure 24/7 and its free !! Take advantage of this miracle and start practicing these healing protocols asap !! Spray on body, bathe on body, and drink up heal inside out. Congradulations you know a secret that has been kept from most of the world.


Did you know that the best nutritional supplement in the world is something everyone can afford. In this book you'll find what wonders come as you drink your urine! May sound strange and initially I found the idea a bit gory but this book convinced me it was worth a try. The results are absolutely unbelievable! Give it a try!


Her very short book, which can be read in an hour or two, breaks down into two parts. The first 50 pages are taken up with rather superficial introductory material in which the reader is given a wholly false idea of the kidneys, and in which absolutely NOTHING is said about the remarkable constituents of urine - its many hormones, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, proteins, etc., - although she finally does get around to mentioning Melatonin (a powerful natural tranquillizer) on page 147. The book also seems to me to be highly misleading on other essential matters. Not only that, but throughout the book there are constant reminders of the need to consult a "medical professional" of one sort or another, when the whole aim of Urine Therapy is to free us from our dependence upon such people, most of whom have a proven track record of failure. The remaining 100 pages of the book, 'Treatment and Applications,' are taken up with basic practical advice as to how we can use urine to help alleviate or cure a whole range of ailments, though in many cases, once again, not without the 'help' of those benevolent and concerned "medical professionals" who, as we know, have managed to make the curative properties of urine the best-kept secret in medical history.


Dr. Ronnie Ng

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