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Urine Therapy


Monday, 15 July 2013

Urine Therapy - Curing Warts

When someone asks “Can urine cure warts?” We are likely to say "Yuck", how could it? Well, this sort of reaction is only expected especially as we associate urine as a by-product of the body. However, there is sense to the question.

When searching for answers to the question of “Can urine cure warts?” there were so many testimonials to the affectivity, but there was simply no scientific explanation to it. Until memory struck that somewhere in high school, a teacher said that urine was actually urea and that triggered the narrowing down of the search. “Can Urea cure warts?” and this is the result:

Scientifically, strong aqueous solutions of urea or carbamide contain great amounts of anti-viral properties which is the main reason why common warts or verruca vulgaris can be successfully treated by urea. Urine is a mild form of urea so this is where the real discussion starts.
The virus which causes the wart growth on the skin can be transmitted on skin contact of an infected person to another who has cuts or breaks on the skin. The virus enters the skin layers and lays nest in it causing a cauliflower-like growth which can occur anywhere on the body.

The urea treatment or urine treatment is very good against the warts and can effectively kill off the virus. What’s more, the acid found in urine or uric acid, is also very effective against cancer-causing free radicals. The best thing about urine, even if many consider this a body waste, is that it is non-toxic so even if the person were to pee on the wart, they would not develop any toxic side-effects, unlike salicylic acid.

Just a point of fact to support urine therapy: urea in urine is one of the most potent anti-viral agents and can kill off the polio virus and the rabies virus quickly and efficiently. So what’s a little wart?

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