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Urine Therapy


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Urine Therapy - Mode & Method

Mode and the Method of Treatment for Chronic Patients:-
The proper method of “Urine Therapy” is:-

a)  Drinking Urine.  
b) Massaging the whole body with the Urine.       
c) Keeping Urine wet pack on the affected portion of the body.
d)   Drinking water, juices and maintaining a balanced light diet.

It is very important and necessary to maintain balance and light Diet along with Drinking Urine, Massaging the body with Urine and keeping  Urine Wet Pack for the patients suffering from Chronic Disease to achieve the maximum Benefits.

People should develop positive attitude and should have total faith in Natural Remedy which can save their life and relieve them from all kinds of pain and sufferings. In this treatment a person will realize the Benefits according to the individual’s faith, interest, efforts, Diet and the Method of treatment. People who are adopting this treatment willingly and in cheerful manner will find the gradual improvement in their health day by day in a short period of 10 days.

The color and the taste of the Urine depends upon the persons what they eat and drink.  If a person who keeps on drinking more water and juices every one hour will pass more Urine, his internal body will become clean and his Urine color will become white (color less like water.)  In the similar manner if a person who eats balanced light diet and does not consume oil, salt, spice and chilies in his diet then his Urine will not contain any smell.

People who are busy in their daily routine and other activities who cannot find time to do the entire method of treatment but want to keep them healthy can drink Urine in the following manner and keep them healthy. 

After taking light dinner in night and before going to bed they should drink 1000 ml (one LITRE) of water.  During mid-night or early morning they will pass light yellow color or white colorless Urine which they should drink it.

Thereafter they can keep on drinking Urine and water 2 or 3 times according to their convenience.  In this manner they can easily drink one or 1 ½ Litre of  Urine before breakfast. They can also adopt this method during any time of the day according to their convenient and keep themselves hale and healthy.

The persons who want to adopt Urine Therapy but hesitate or cannot make up their mind to drink Urine then initially they can start the treatment by massaging their body with urine initially.  They will realize benefits by messaging and thereafter they can make up their mind and start drinking.

If a person who drinks water, juices and consume only balanced light diet will pass white color Urine which will not contain any smell.  White color can be consumed without any hesitation as it tastes like pure water which contains valuable proteins and vitamins to maintain healthy life.

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