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Urine Therapy


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Urine Therapy - Curing Cancer

Uploaded on Jan 15, 2011
Here Dr. Michael Lesser, MD, explains how,
Yes, Linus Pauling used
urine therapy to try to stop his cancer.

Dr. Lesser & I were both personal friends of
Linus Pauling.
Michael was lucky. Pauling revealed to him that
he was using urine therapy, to treat his cancer
3 years before he died.
It would have worked better if he had started
before he was diagnosis with cancer.
That is what I am doing.
I am now 70, and will live to age 100
thanks to this natural way to fight cancer
using the R.A.D.A.R of urine:
Detection of cancer using
Auto immune urine

Urine works best if you massage it onto your skin
before you have cancer.

See the new movie "127 Hours" by Danny Boyle
on drinking urine to
save your life.

Pauling's mistake was to not start drinking
one oz. of his
urine daily before he got cancer.

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