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Urine Therapy


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Urine Therapy - Drink Your Own Water

When there is danger, the body immediately goes into a fight or flight mode. All parts of the body work together to maintain health. Blood coagulates when there is a cut, skin perspires to cool the body, the nervous system relays vital instructions to every cell, the heart and the lungs work hard 24/7 to pump blood and air through the body and the kidneys continuously filter the bloodstream every hour.

Urine is made in and by our kidneys in a system so complex that researchers still can’t figure it out. The principal function of the kidney is not excretion, but regulation. A diagram of the urinary system shows clearly that it is not connected to the intestines or the stomach. When the blood enters the kidneys it is filtered hundreds of times a day through an immensely complex and intricate system of minute tubules called nephrons. Here the blood is literally filtered and cleansed at high pressure. In one way or the other, when the body is sick, it stimulates the kidneys to make the curative remedy. This antidote could be an antibody if there is an internal infection or an antiseptic if there is an external wound. When this urine is re-introduced to the body, the body’s immune system is greatly enhanced. It contains the precise combination of substances that the body needs at the time it is produced. It contains thousands of compounds that are specific to the body and are tailored to keep the body from getting out of balance. Scientists have discovered that the urine, because it is actually extracted from our blood, contains small amounts of almost all of the life-sustaining nutrients, proteins, hormones, antibodies and immunizing agents that the blood has.

In addition, the kidneys create antibiotics and antiseptics whenever the body needs them. They are released through the urine. In the future, people won’t believe they took toxic drugs when they had the most natural cure right inside their body. Traditional medical care is not always safe and it is very expensive. In order to survive sickness, one must look beyond traditional methods. Drink Your Own Water explains the underlying causes behind diseases besides the “inside” cure.

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