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Urine Therapy


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Urine Therapy - Drink Your Own Water

There Is Too Much Sickness in the World. God has provided everyone with many natural ways and means to heal ourselves. One of them is the seemingly unpopular and unscientific system of urine therapy. Believing that there is a free, natural medicine that can heal most ailments sounds totally ludicrous. Particularly if you add the fact that it has been around for thousands of years and works both externally and internally. Most people are understandably incredulous to learn that their kidneys can simultaneously produce a prognosis and a corresponding remedy for any sickness the body may have. Drink Your Own Water brings a whole new meaning to the term "Free Health Care." The list of diseases for which it has been effective is long enough to consider it a miracle remedy.
In this book, you will learn: / The toxic effects of chemicals / The implications of nuclear radiation / The nutritional problems caused by our diet / The hazards of medical mistakes / The kidney's advance system for healing / The remarkable ingredients in urine / Testimonies and history of urine therapy / Why urine is the ideal tonic for the restoration of health / Practical ways to utilize this personal remedy Tony Scazzero has been researching and practicing urine therapy for over 20 years. After trying it out in many situations and listening to others who have done the same, he came to the conclusion - it really works. With over 80 websites and a dozen books to back up his experience, he felt compelled to publish a simple book to condense this information for the average Joe. Not only will the reader learn about the phenomenal results from this obscure remedy, but he will also discover the real, honest causes for the diseases affecting us today.

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