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Urine Therapy


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Urine Therapy - Psychological effect

The shock initially brought on by drinking urine might fundamentally challenge previously accepted ideas as a result of which repressed energy is released that can be applied to strengthen the body and fight an illness.

Scientists claim that the highest acceptable placebo effect is 30%. However, a much higher percentage of people actually achieves positive results with urine therapy, which is remarkable since many people are often initially skeptical because of their aversion to urine, and apply urine therapy as a last resort.

Confronting and conquering reluctance play an important role in this theory. Applying your own bodily substances in an attempt to lead to a considerably broadened outlook on the intelligence and power of the body, and can increase your appreciation and love for yourself as a physical and spiritual being. Instead of regarding excretions (really just a part of yourself) as enemies you, regard them as your helpers. This healthier way of seeing yourself might well have a powerful healing effect on your body.

If the results are experienced as positive applying your own urine as medication means that you have more physical and mental freedom than previously believed, which can also have a healing effect on a deep level.

Besides being beneficial on a personal level, the use of urine as medication opens a new door for contemporary medical science. It confronts us with the possibility that the powers of the body and the universe are infinite, and that we are much less dependent on complicated theories and technologies for our health than up until now was assumed.

Urine therapy confronts us with a very concrete healer within which works both on a physical and on an energy level. The latter implies that urine, as a holographic substance, can affect all levels of being from the physical, through the electromagnetic fields of the emotions and the mind, up to the subtler genetic vibrational information of the soul.

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