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Urine Therapy


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Urine Therapy - Diuretic effect

According to this theory, urine therapy ensures that the kidneys work more quickly and that the body is stimulated to produce more urine. Metabolic products composed of proteins such as urea, nitrogen and ammonia are excreted out of the body via the urine as soon as there is a surplus in the body. Drinking urine causes more of these substances to enter the body than normal. The body reacts to this by washing them away with water and other substances.

By ingesting urine, one stimulates the body not only to excrete part of these metabolic products at an accelerated rate, but also to convert another part into useful substances. A previously mentioned example of this is urea, which is converted through ammonia into glutamine.

Another consequence might be that substances which should normally leave the body with the urine, but have got stuck somewhere, now do so due to the accelerated flow. For example, in the case of gout, the body disposes of urinary acid embedded in the joints.

The effects of flowing and cleansing are particularly noticeable while one is fasting. The first time one urinates while fasting, the urine is often thick and tastes strong especially if one have a fever or is otherwise sick. However, after drinking this initial amount, the second flow of urine is thinner, even if one has not drunk extra water.

The continuous re-use of urine yields a large amount of clear and not unpleasant tasting urine in a short period of time. According to this hypothesis, this ultimately results in stimulated and cleansed kidneys, and a purified blood stream. At the same time, the intestines, skin and exhalation process probably entirely takes over the role of excreting the unusable metabolic products.

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