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Urine Therapy


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Urine Therapy - Bactericidal and virucidal effect

Although it is not yet entirely clear why urine has a germicidal and antiseptic effect, it is known that urea plays an important role here. Ammonia and salt also have a similar purifying effect. Besides killing bacteria, urine also inhibits or destroys various viruses and fungi. Scientific research has demonstrated that both urea and ammonia have a powerful anti-viral effect.

Applying urine to a fresh cut or scrape prevents infection and keeps files away (important in countries with a warm climate). Urine compresses from fresh or old urine help to combat infections and often cause them to disappear. Although urine does not entirely prevent the growth of bacteria in the urethra (infections often arise), it clearly has a powerful Antiseptic effect when externally applied.

Herz also successfully treated infections of the urinary passages with urine therapy. The positive results can be traced back to the stimulating effect of the re-ingested urine on the immune system.

Drinking salt water serves as an important therapeutic remedy during certain (fasting) cures. Salt water is also frequently used to clean the body thoroughly from within and it relieve such illnesses as asthma, stomach ulcer, indigestion and constipation. Drinking urine, which is also a salt substance, has the same effect. This could be an important reason for its success as a therapeutic remedy.

Salt solutions remove old mucous embedded in the mucous membranes. If one drink a salt liquid, part of the salt goes into the body, where it dissolves the surplus of mucous in the lungs and in other organs.

According to those who work with this therapy, warm salt water, and in this sense also fresh warm urine, is particularly useful during illnesses in which the body does not generate enough heat to keep the normal bodily secretions thin and watery. Moreover, urine draws out surplus, which has become too watery due to an illness. This also explains why compresses of warm, concentrated urine externally applied are so effective.

As a salt liquid, urine also has a laxative effect and is recommended to relieve constipation. As it moves through the intestinal canal, the salt detaches waste and draws water into the intestines, as a result of which bowel movement becomes easier.

According to this theory, drinking urine, like drinking urine is like drinking salt water, accelerates the metabolism,. It removes a surplus of sugar from the blood and draws out toxic substances from cells. In this way, urine therapy is a good cleansing technique.

According to urine therapists, urine has an extra advantage above salt water because urine contains small amounts of natural cortisone. This brings us back to the possible hormonal effects of urine.

Using urine instead of salt is also more effective because urea and ammonia are organic solvents: they dissolve fats and other natural bodily secretions. These substances probably ensure that the mucous membranes and body cells are powerfully affected.

Dabbing with salt water usually helps clean wounds; urine has the same effect. Urine is more effective than salt water because it contains healing substances such as allantoin.

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