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Urine Therapy


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Urine Therapy - Immunological effect

Clearly urine is not toxic, although some substances might be present in urine in small amounts, especially if one is ill. This small amount of  substances possibly contributes to the effectiveness of urine therapy. If these triggering substances enter the body, the body's defense mechanisms are called into action (immune system). If substances, which leave the body via the urine, are the same as those involved in the illness process, they can stimulate the defense system to attack and in this way urine therapy has proven so helpful in treating allergies.

A similar process takes place when a person is vaccinated against certain disease, in which case, a small amount of poisonous substances is injected into a healthy body. This stimulates the immune system to manufacture antibodies (and thus defend the body), and could be called a homeopathic or isopathic effect. The practice of drinking and massaging with urine allows the antibodies, greater access to the body, which stimulates the immune system. The possible significance of urea and glutamine for the immune system is earlier discussed.

Abele suggests that the presence of antigens and antibodies in urine strengthens the immune system when urine is re-introduced into the body. The re-introduction of small amounts of bacteria or parasites found in urine may stimulate the production of IgE. IgA (a virus inhibiting substance that prevents micro-organisms from becoming embedded in the mucous) also plays a role here. IgA is found in mucous and in excretions of body, and therefore also in urine. Urine therapy increases the production of IgA which possibly explains why this therapy has a positive effect on infections of the urinary passages and the kidneys while other treatments offer little relief.

Several studies demonstrate that antibodies against for example salmonella diphtheria poliomyelitis and HIV can be found in urine.

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