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Urine Therapy


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Urine Therapy - Dental Healing Experience

C. P. Mithal, author of "Urine Therapy: Self-Healing Through Intrinsic Medicine" and "Miracles of Urine Therapy", reports that toothache was miraculously relieved after rinsing with urine. He also recounts the case of a 30-year-old with loose lower teeth, where the dentist had advised extraction. This man followed Mithal's instructions regarding urine treatment for periodontitis to a T (see below under "How to apply urine"), and within two months his gums healed and his teeth firmed up.

Dr. Ulrich Erwin Hasler, a Swiss physician and author of a book on auto-urine therapy, reports a case of periodontitis/bleeding gums. Once a day, the patient held his own urine in his mouth for 15 minutes and his gums stopped bleeding.

Naturopath John W. Armstrong reports in his book "The Water of Life" the case of a man suffering from (dentist-diagnosed) pyorrhea who took half a pint (about 17 cubic inches or 0.3 l) of his own urine every morning and also used urine as a mouthwash. Within nine weeks, all signs of gum disease had disappeared to the surprise of his dentist. This was accomplished without the fast on urine and water that Armstrong typically advocated. Armstrong adds that by cleansing the body of its impurities by a fast on urine and plain water, pyorrhea vanishes automatically, a fact that he observed in all cases he ever treated. As to his own teeth, he writes that a well-balanced diet and urine therapy preserved them so he never required to visit a dentist.

Site visitor Sara has reported a most amazing dental healing experience with a serious and painful tooth root infection that had spread to her jaw and the lymph nodes in her neck. Not only did the pain stop immediately upon holding urine in her mouth, but brown spots on the tooth started to lighten as well. See her detailed report at Testimonial: urine therapy heals severe tooth root infection.

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