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Urine Therapy


Sunday, 28 April 2013

Urine Therapy - 4-Step Approach


Do you have by any chance a small injury anywhere on your body, a rash, a blister, or something similar? While urinating, rub some fresh urine on it several times a day. Within a short time this spot will heal. Maybe this experience will help you gain some trust in your own juice.


Take a very clean glass. In the morning, right after getting up, try to urinate in three steps. That may sound somewhat silly, but it is meant quite seriously. The first urine to pass through the urethra cleans the passageway thoroughly. You should not collect these expelled substances. Pause briefly, position the glass, and let the urine pour in. When the glass is full, pause again. Set the glass aside and empty your bladder completely. This remaining urine does not contain many useful substances, and therefore you needn't collect it. It only would increase the amount of fluid you drink. What you have collected is the so-called morning midstream urine. This is the purest and richest urine of the day.

All right then. The urine is collected and you have fifteen minutes remaining to do something with it. Therefore, there is no need to rush. Why don't you get your favorite drink from the kitchen? No alcohol in the morning, of course, but if you expect the worst scenario (to vomit), maybe a very small and strongly spiced stomach bitter would not be inappropriate (no more than a thimbleful).
You should not push yourself now. Although you have a whole glass in front of you, a single sip that you don't spit out immediately is worth more than the entire glass that will soon end up in the toilet. Put down the glass and immediately swallow your favorite drink. Then, take a deep breath. You've done it! There, was that so terrible? I don't think so.

It is obvious: You have to work on increasing your daily dose until you are able to empty the whole glass. But please, don't "sweeten" your urine with a small sip of alcohol every morning. Otherwise, you are in danger of developing secondary damages, sooner or later, like dependency.

Testiomony from Dale E
Dale E, 54, secretary: "For years my sun allergy had ruined my vacations. My family relaxed in the sun but I had to sit in the shade under two sun umbrellas. Nevertheless, just by going swimming I broke out in fluid-filled, itching blisters. None of the sunscreen lotions helped. At a friend's I found a book on urine therapy and read that the drinking of urine would help such skin conditions. I pushed the thought aside, though, because it felt uncomfortable. During my next vacation my beach neighbor told me that her sun allergy had vanished since she started urine therapy. I started with it and today I can sit with my family next to the water."




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