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Urine Therapy


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Urine Therapy: back to the body

The Urine Therapy, a technique curative than in-but-hardly believe the ingestion of one's own urine to heal diseases.

Despite that, for many, may be somewhat repulsive the idea, the followers of this practice say it helps the body to better balance baseline, strengthens the immune system and cure diseases.

Did you know that urine is an excellent healing of wounds and that if drunk in fasting can help cure diseases? This, for some that may seem strange and even repulsive, is what is called Urine Therapy or Urine Therapy latter is the name scientists.

This technique is base en la ingestion of one's own urine to purify the body and cure diseases.

As explained in AreaSalud pharmaceutical chemistry and Mexican biologist Sonia Rodriguez, author of "Urine Therapy", and president of the organization "Paradise of Health AC," Urine contains compounds that deliver numerous health benefits:

It helps raise the production of natural antibodies and strengthens the immune system. Returns to the body vitamins and minerals that are eliminated through urination. In case of illness, take urine fasting, heartburn adequate returns and increases production of insulin. It helps maintain the balance baseline, due to the high contribution of minerals such as sodium and magnesium, which the body fails to metabolize. If implemented in wounds or burns, is an excellent natural healing.

Purification after

According Ines Sorokina, Russian model living in Chile, and user of this system, Urine Therapy helps to stay healthy. She uses this technique-five years ago and explained to AreaSalud-before starting treatment, he had to undergo a purification.

"Both the liver and intestines accumulate a series of sediments that remain attached to the inner walls of these organs. That is why, before I begin Urine Therapy undergo a purification of 5 days consisted of food and stop eating only drink water, fruit juices, particularly apple-and natural herbs, "he explains.

"The purification was also reunited with our own body, so we apply massage with our own urine and must maintain nudity as a way to accept our body, and thus lose disgust to the urine."


When the agency removes sediment internally, people can begin to drink his urine in small amounts, beginning with 50 ml. a day, until all the glasses you want.

But, as explained pharmaceutical chemistry Sonia Rodriguez Gomez, the idea is to start gradually, so that the body gets used to and that people lose their disgust at the taste of urine.

In addition, the expert recommends that people who follow the Urine Therapy conducting fasts in which only drink urine. "The fasting should last for 3 or 4 days each month. This is just stop eating and ingesting urine (up to two liters) and water. This can cause diarrhea, but it's normal, as well as the body is purified," he explains.

In the case of children, chemistry recommends that they take urine accompanied by fruit juices and honey. In the case of those under 18 is not recommended conducting fasts, as they grow.

For both adults and for children, the expert advised to take the first urine in the morning and do it before they spend 15 minutes after urinating.

The chemical adds that this treatment may continue as anyone and, according to numerous studies, is not found to have contraindications to drink urine, but a lot of benefits.

"In fact, in Russia until the year 1937 was produced a concentrated urine of pregnant women was used to cure impotence in men," explains Sorokina.

The chemistry adds: "this is our own urine, water and organic compounds, vitamins and minerals, why should not scare the idea to try this technique that helps heal illnesses and stay healthy."

Source: Sonia Rodriguez, pharmaceutical and chemical biologist at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. President of the Organization of Paradise health AC author of the book "Urine Therapy."

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