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Urine Therapy


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Urine Therapy For Skin

Today marked my 23th day on Urine Therapy.


Urine therapy for skin involves rubbing and massaging of urine over problematic skin areas. Urine therapy benefits for skin include alleviating itching, acne, psoriasis, rosacea, scalp dryness and many other skin ailments.

Urine therapy is also called by different names, uropathy, urotherapy and urinotherpy. Documented in many cultures, it has been practiced since ancient times. Today, it is gaining importance in alternative medicine. The therapy basically encompasses drinking urine or massaging one’s own urine for treating several health problems. Urine therapy for skin problems is a much talked about topic in alternative form of skin treatment, mainly because of its antiseptic and healing properties.

Why Use Urine therapy for Skin?

Being an excreted waste product, most of us feel reluctant to handle urine. Also, a major concern about urine therapy for skin care is the toxicity of this liquid waste. Well, scientific studies reveal that this liquid bodily waste is not toxic. Urine itself is sterile and possesses antimicrobial properties. Human urine consists of water as its main component (about 95 percent) along with urea in small amounts (about 2.5 percent). Other isolated constituents are enzymes, hormones, minerals and salts.

When applied as a part of routine skin care regimen, urine clears the skin pores and provides some of the healthy nutrients, which altogether aid in correcting skin problems. Much of the toxicity issues of urine therapy revolve around direct ingestion of urine, and the risk factor is increasing urea level in the bloodstream. Otherwise, applying urine or massaging urine into skin is totally safe. The benefits of urine therapy for skin are evident from the known fact that, it is becoming a popular ingredient in beauty products.

Urine Therapy Benefits for Skin

The fresh early morning urine is mostly used for cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. While adopting urine therapy for skin, there are certain considerations. In order to reap maximum urine therapy benefits, one should make sure that healthy foods are consumed. Administering chemical based drugs is linked with alteration in the urine basic ingredients, as traces of drugs get excreted in the urine. Hence, if an individual is currently on strong medications, he/she should refrain from using urine for skin care. With this brief highlight, let’s see how to use urine therapy for acne, along with the benefits of urotherapy for skin.
• Urine therapy for skin is inexpensive, purely natural and free of side effects. The effectiveness of urine therapy for acne, eczema, skin sores, rosacea, scaly scalp and many other skin issues is really impressive.
• For dark spots, acne, bumps and other skin problems occurring in localized areas, use a clean cotton ball for urine application. Dip cotton into urine, and dab it over the affected skin areas. Massage over acne and problematic spots for deep penetration of urine into the skin.
• After spot application of urine, allow it to dry off completely. Retain for some time (at least 8 - 10 minutes) and wash off with plain water. Refrain from using harsh, perfume loaded soaps.
• To soothe severe skin itching, swelling, inflammation, acne outbreaks, blemishes and alike symptoms, use a large urine sample for applying as compresses. This simply works great to alleviate larger skin problem areas without causing adverse effects. You can read more on urine therapy side effects.
• For difficult to treat skin issues, wet a clean cloth and leave it for 10 minutes over affected skin. This ensures that maximum urine is absorbed by the cells in the region. Remove cloth and wash off thoroughly.
• Gently massaging urine in ear region (or acupressure areas) is known to counteract the body’s hypersensitive responses towards allergens. Thus, urine therapy for skin is adopted to get relief from severe allergies.
• In case, skin psoriasis spreads to the scalp area, then also urine therapy is effectual to reduce this scalp problem. Before washing hair, take some urine and work on the affected scalp portion. Leave for some time, and rinse with cold water. Repeat this, until scalp psoriasis disappears.
• Rubbing urine as an after shave toner gives a softer looking and glowing skin. It also aids in soothing common after-shave effects, like itching, redness and soreness. Other than skin application, you may be interested in learning about urine therapy for weight loss.
The side effects of urine therapy for skin are negligible, unless applied over open wounds. It is claimed that old urine (about 4 days old) maintained under specific conditions is more effective for combating skin ailments. As expected, it can be quite smelly, and applying it to skin is not a welcoming idea. To avoid such a situation, you can use fresh urine, preferably after fast that gives thin and less pungent urine.

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