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Urine Therapy


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Urine Therapy - Unconventional Practice

Today marked my 57th day on Urine Therapy.


URINE: GOOD HEALTH is an hour-long documentary about urine therapy. This unconventional and controversial practice, which involves the use of one's own urine for health benefits, has been employed throughout history by people around the world and is one of the oldest modalities of health care.
The proponents of urine therapy generally advocate the use of one's own urine in many forms and for many purposes. Whether taken orally, dropped in the eyes or ears, used topically or injected, it is claimed that urine is the cure for many maladies including AIDS, cancer, asthma, arthritis and glaucoma, among others. Urine therapy is also used for skin care, health maintenance and as a dietary supplement.
While mainstream medicine has rejected the claims of the urine drinkers, pharmaceutical companies and scientists are profiting from the use of urine and its individual components in their research and development. The proteins, enzymes and other materials occurring naturally in urine are being used in various ways, including the production of life saving drugs and dietary supplements as well as for non-invasive tests for the detection of diseases.
This documentary objectively explores the claims of the users and proponents of urine therapy and the views of some of the world's preeminent doctors and researchers regarding the medicinal uses of urine. URINE: GOOD HEALTH is the third in a series of documentaries by Eli Kabillio and Mad Dog Films, Inc. on controversial topics including A HOLE IN THE HEAD and A MATTER OF LIFE AND BREATH.

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