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Urine Therapy


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Urine Therapy - Children

Today marked my 64th day on Urine Therapy.

urine from children. The urine from a child is often very pure,
especially if the child follows a healthy diet. In some cases, the
urine from a child can also be used in the external massage
application for the seriously ill who cannot produce enough of their
own urine.

Urine from different people usually does not differ much in its
ingredients, which is why the urine from one person will also to some
extent work for somebody else. However, your own urine contains
personal, characteristic substances and provides the particular
information the body needs in order to carry out the healing process
as effectively as possible.

In general, it is no problem to combine urine therapy with any other
form of natural treatment. This also applies to the use of nutritional
supplements as long as they are natural. One should refrain from any
chemically manufactured supplements. Experience has shown that the use
of vitamin supplements in combination with the practise of urine
therapy can considerably cut down the amount of supplements you need
to take, because of the recycling effect. Many substances, such as
vitamins and enzymes, act as carriers for other. Urine therapy can
also be seen as a form of self--vaccination: certain bodily substances
which have been removed from the body, some of which may have been
produced as a result of illness, are rein-introduced into the body in
small amounts. These substances are reabsorbed into the blood through
either the intestines or the skin. According to this hypothesis, the
immune system is then given the chance to react appropriately.

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  1. Hi,
    Can i start urine therapy for my 2.5 yr old baby girl?For her health to be good