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Monday, 1 August 2011

John W. Armstrong

Today marked my 42nd day on Urine Therapy.


In 1945, John W. Armstrong published a book called, The Water of Life, A Treatise on Urine Therapy. Armstrong's book described the "difficult-to-accept" idea that drinking one's own urine will promote healing, and will restore health to individuals afflicted with grave illnesses.
In the late 1980s, Martha Christy published a book on Urine Therapy, titled Your Own Perfect Medicine. Christy's approach is technical in presentation and includes injections of prepared urine-tissue, and taking urine drops under the tongue.

Armstrong's approach is much simpler - to resolve life-threatening disease conditions, drink every drop of your own urine and neither eat nor drink anything else until you are completely well!!

In his book, Armstrong provides the history of patients with a variety of serious conditions (cancers, massive infections, heart conditions, etc.) who were frequently near death; and in some cases, the patient was so gravely ill, that they couldn't produce any of their own urine. In those cases, Armstrong would 'jump start' the patient with his own urine. Afterwards, the patient was able to produce a small amount of his own. With each subsequent dose of urine, the patient would gain both strength and relief from pain.

For the most serious cases, patients drank nothing but their own urine for periods of 90, 120, 150 days! Some, even longer. Armstrong points out that rubbing the body with old urine (for a substantial period of time, e.g. 2 hours) is a necessary adjunct, in very serious cases, to ingestion. In less severe cases, rubbing with old urine will clear up most skin conditions and produce a smooth, blemish-free skin if applied regularly (ladies, take note).

How Urine Therapy works
1. Replenishment of vital tissues lost to the ill person through the urine.

2. Re-ingestion, refinement, and re-filtering of antibodies and other immune enhancing substances, which allows the body to exclusively concentrate on destroying, unclogging, and removing the offending organisms and diseased tissue, without the burdens of routine work such as digestion and normal detoxification. Normally, urine and stool elimination is considered as waste; however, urine, unlike faeces, is totally sterile. Nevertheless, urine is the filtrate of the individual's own blood. Proponents of Urine Therapy, in normal health, drink urine daily in order to promote their health and to maintain physical beauty. In the event of survival difficulties, this simple technique can be a life-saver.

How to Do It
There are many ways to apply Urine Therapy effectively - read through the following guidelines and methods, and then try the one that appeals to you.
General Guidelines

• Regular users say that it assists in the maintenance of energy levels, reduction of aging, and prevention of illness.

• For internal use, midstream urine should be collected in a clean cup. As urine breaks down rapidly outside the body, it should be used as soon as it is collected.

• To start with, only a few drops are to be administered each day in the early morning.

• Urine can be taken with a dropper, and one or two drops should be placed under the tongue. The dosage can be increased to five to ten drops twice a day over a period of three to five days.
• Diluting or boiling the urine decreases the efficacy; consequently, this should be avoided.

• Some individuals may experience mild headache, nausea, diarrhoea, tiredness or skin rashes, which are the body's natural responses against stored toxins. These symptoms normally disappear within 24 to 36 hours.

• In most cases, frequent small doses of one to three ounces for two to three weeks will suffice.

• Applying urine to the skin is an excellent treatment for many types of skin disorders such as skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, acne, insect bites, etc. The urea in urine is excellent for cosmetic use and moisturising the skin. Fresh or old urine can be used as external application. In fact, old urine with its high ammonia content is more beneficial in many stubborn skin-diseases.

• A small cotton ball or pad is to be soaked in urine and rubbed over the affected area. This is to be discarded and another one is taken to repeat the process for five to ten minutes.

• Urine therapy should not be taken during pregnancy and by people suffering from kidney disorders without a qualified practitioner's supervision.

Two Specific Methods

1) Homeopathic type Drops
First, collect midstream urine in a clean cup or container. This should be a clean catch, meaning the genital area (important for women in particular) has been cleaned beforehand. To 5ml of distilled water in a sterile bottle, add one drop of fresh urine. Cap and shake 50 times. Take one drop of this mix and add to another 5ml ounce of distilled water and shake 50 times. Take one drop of this mix and add to 5ml. of 80 to 90 proof vodka which acts as a preservative.
Place three drops under the tongue hourly until there is obvious improvement or temporary exacerbation of symptoms. As improvement progresses, lengthen the interval between treatments. After 3 days, suspend treatment to avoid pushing the immune system. Treatment is resumed if progress remains static or relapse occurs.

2) Fresh undiluted Urine
Use fresh urine drops direct - sub-lingual drops work well.
(Should always use fresh urine immediately upon collection. You should not boil or dilute the urine in any way. You must use it in its natural form)
Start by taking 1-5 drops of morning urine on the first day.
On the second day, take 5-10 drops in the morning.
On the third day, take 5-10 drops in the morning, and the same amount in the evening before you go to bed.
Once you feel accustomed to the therapy, gradually increase the amount as needed for obtaining results for your condition. As you use the therapy, you will learn to adjust the amount you need by observing your reactions to the therapy. It may be that you'll work up to actually drinking 30ml or 60ml at a time.

Other Methods
Other methods include:
Drinking - Morning urine is best. Take the middle stream. You can start with a few drops, building up to one glass a day. Good as a tonic, as a preventive and in minor illnesses.

Fasting - Drink all the urine you pass, except for the evenings - otherwise you won’t get any sleep. You can also take some extra water. The urine will quickly change its taste into almost neutral. Fasting on urine and water cleanses the blood. Toxins are removed through liver, skin, and exhalation.
Gargle - Gargling with urine works wonders when having a throat-ache. Also good for toothache and generally when having a cold.
Enemas - Urine enemas work very well in cleansing the colon and in providing a direct immune stimulant.
Vaginal Douche - Helpful in cases such as yeast problems, white discharge, etc.
Ear and Eye Drops - For ear infections, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, etc. For the eyes, dilute the urine with some distilled water.
Sniffing Urine - Sinusitis and other nose problems. Very good preventive for colds and to clean the subtle channels in the


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  2. If the body cleanses itself with the kidney; don't one just re ingest the toxins removed?

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  4. Using homeopathic preparation of urine should be done with caution and under guidance from a qualified homeopath, especially while treating critical illnesses like cancer, heart conditions and the like.

  5. Using homeopathic preparation of urine should be done with caution and under guidance from a qualified homeopath, especially while treating critical illnesses like cancer, heart conditions and the like.

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