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Urine Therapy


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Urine Therapy And Acne

Today marked my 50th day on Urine Therapy. Over the 50 days of urine therapy, I have discovered that gargling a cup of urine every morning will help to cure your sore throat and other gum diseases.


You might cringe at the thought of this home remedy treatment for acne but the truth is it works and it isn't going to cost you anything. When I say it works, I just want to clarify that it helps cure acne, it will help you obtain a clearer skin and clear up those spots. This treatment will do little if anything in helping you to rid acne scars that is a different matter.
Ones own urine has been used for medicinal purposes for years. Different cultures all over the world have discovered a wide variety of ailments that have been helped or even cured by using your own urine.
The correct term for treating a medical condition with your own urine is urotherapy or uropathy. When using urine to treat acne the idea is simply to dab and massage it into your skin as you would a facial toner. I must stress we are talking your own urine although the thought of using someone elses would probably give me nightmares.
I did read somewhere that babies urine is even stronger and works quicker than using your own and it suggested if you have a baby in the house just dab a swab in a diaper. I am sorry but that is something even I cannot get my head around.
How to Treat Acne: Urine Therapy
If you have got this far you are either very curious or you haven't ruled out the possibility of treating your acne with urine. The next section details the few simple steps for this rather unusual acne treatment.
• We have already established that it must be your own urine, it must also be the first one of the day as soon as you awake.
• When you first start to go to the toilet leave the first couple of seconds to flow, stop midstream and catch some in a small container.
• Using a cotton wool swab, apply the urine to your acne scars.
• Leave in face for between 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing off.
• It will not harm you leaving it on longer and believe it or not, as the urine starts to dry out there won't be any smell.
• As long as you have saved some in the container you can apply this twice a day.
• Just before retiring to bed you can apply the same urine for overnight use too.
• If you keep the urine in a container for more than 24 hours it will turn into a concentrate which you can apply to darker spots.
Some people experience a very slight tingling using this method but keep the treatment up and you should notice an improvement in just a few days time. It is totally free and as long as you can get your head around the fact you are applying pee to your face what have you got to lose.

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