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Urine Therapy


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Urine: Anatomic Overview

Today marked my 45th day on Urine Therapy.


Urine is the slightly acidic liquid substance taking wastes from the kidneys outside human body. Its color ranges from clear to yellow and, in certain cases, to darker tones, depending on the individuals health condition. Urine also features specific odour resembling ammonia and varying in intensity from individual to individual. The odour may be caused by nitrogenous wastes, foods, infections etc. Urine is stored in the bladder, which can hold up to 20 ounces of liquid and discharges, in common individuals, up to 10 ounces. Basically, urine consists in the elements human body is unable to absorb at a particular moment.
Up to 95% of the fluid is water.
How is it done?
The way urine therapy is administered differs from people to people. No training or certification is required in order to be able to use this therapy, at least this is what advocates claim. There are different ways of implementing this therapy, some of them are:
• There are adepts who believe that only the midstream of morning urine may be used in therapy.
• They either drink it simple and hot, as it comes, or combine it with juice and fruit to cut off smell and taste.
• There are also people who claim that effective urine therapy consists in applying few drops (usually 3 drops) sublingually with certain frequency.
• Japanese women use urine for bathing to provide skin with proper nutrients. The practice is still very popular in our days.
• Yet, by far most courageous form of urine therapy consists in urine injections in the rectum for cleansing and bowel movement.

What is Urine Therapy good for?
You may ask yourself what is urine therapy good for. The answer, as adepts claim it, is everything. Urine therapy is indicated in:
• treatment of common flues and toothaches
• dehydrated skin
• epidermal conditions such as psoriasis
• snake bites
• allergies
Therefore, its area of action is largely extended. Furthermore, urine is said to treat effectively:
• asthma
• pneumonia
• severe heart condition
• burns
• even cancer
• eczema
• eye irritation
• dysentery
• chemical intoxication
• deficient intestinal traffic
• sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS
• chicken and small pox
• sleep disorders
• hepatitis
• low or lack of fertility
• baldness
• jaundice
Temporary disorders:
• hangover
• morning sickness
• urticaria
as well as serious medical problems such as:
• Parkinson's disease
• diabetes
• tetanus
• stroke
• foot fungus
• obesity
• rheumatism
or even disgraceful birthmarks are included by urine therapy devotees in its action spectrum.
Urine is, thus, considered the true elixir of life and Kundalini releaser, the activator of the inner third eye and the way to divine wisdom.

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