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Urine Therapy


Monday, 21 January 2013

The Natural Benefits Of Urine Therapy

"URINE THERAPY" is the Most Effective Natural Remedy and the safest method of treatment which does not have any side effects. It can Prevent, Control and Cure all kinds of chronic diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Blood Pressure HIV/AIDS, Kidney failure, Muscular Dystrophy, Arthritis, Psoriasis, Hair loss, Mental Retardation and Cerebral Palsy etc.

It can boost the Immune System, Improve Nervous Disorder, Dissolves and Removes the Toxins Accumulated in our body. It can Revive dead Tissues, Rebuilds Resistance Power of the Vital Organs like, Brain, Heart, Lungs, Pancreas, Liver and Intestine etc. It rejuvenates our body and safe guards the general Health of the people.

The whole world at large can get rid of dreadful diseases and blessed with the Natural healing Power by "Urine Therapy." The very feeling that the "Devine Panacea" the solution for all Ailments is within us can fill your life with immense pleasure. Person's self confidence and positive attitude can solve all their problems and they will be able to maintain healthy & happy life.

Physicians and Doctors keep on saying that Urine is poisonous excreta of the body is far from truth. It has been proved by my practical experience that almost all the Diseases can be prevented, controlled and cured by Urine Therapy provided it is done systematically in the proper method.

Sun light is Nature's Gift to mankind. We need Sun light to survive and be healthy in body and mind. Sun light positive energies at sunrise helps to balance and promote healing physical, emotional and spiritual. Sun is perceived as co-creator and sustainer of Life on earth. Scientist through out the World cannot invent or make any other manmade alternative Power equivalent to Sun light.

Urine is the "Elixir of life" a natural liquid that can cure host of diseases gifted by nature for the purpose of maintaining healthy life. The similar or the equally powerful natural liquid does not exist in the world and cannot be created and achieved through any other source of alternative medicine or through any other scientific method. Urine is the water of life which is the Natural gift given by our creator for spiritual growth and physical well being. Urine has "The healing power which is within you". Only you can heal yourself, nobody can help you unless you can help your self.

Urine is a Universal and excellent Remedy for all distempers inwards and outwards of Body. It is Antidote to poisons and destroys poison and all disease generated from VIT, PITT, KAFFA and it improves digestion and body becomes strong. It cures the illness by removing the waste products and toxins from body and also stimulating the defensive mechanism of body. It acts wonderfully on insects and other poisonous bites. It works for all sorts of pregnancy problem, excessive menstruation, and tumor in Uterus. It destroys many diseases of eyes, worms of intestines, scarlet fever and all skin diseases.

Urine is gifted by nature for the purpose of maintaining healthy life. It is an entirely drugless system of healing all kinds of diseases and maintaining good health. It purifies blood and gives new span of life. Urine contains the necessary compounds, Vitamins, Hormones and all valuable minerals, salts and chemical compounds which are very essential for growth and maintenance of human body. Volatile salts of Urine power fully absorbs acid and destroys the very root of most disease in human body.

The taste and the color of the urine depend upon what we drink and eat. Persons have to overcome Stigma attached to it and understand the proper method, technique, necessary diet and mode of treatment. When we wash our vessels or dirty cloth with pure water, the water becomes dirty which has to be discarded in drain. Similarly if we include oil, salt and chilies in our diet then we will pass yellow color urine and it will contain smell which has to be discarded. But if we avoid and do not include oil, salt and chilies in our diet and take balanced light diet, drink plenty of water and juices then we will pass colorless urine like pure water which contains multiple vitamins.        

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