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Urine Therapy


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The efficacy of urine therapy

Many people disputed on the efficacy of urine therapy claiming that there is really no scientific evidence whatsoever.  Doctors or laypersons who advocated urine therapy are often ridiculed or forced into retirement and some have even lost their license to practice for saying to drink urine.
Many have tried urine therapy and discovered the many health benefits - the boosting of the immune system, the improvement on their skin condition, the healing of many diseases and much more.

The fact is that pharmaceutical companies are testing urine and learning how to extract the components to make synthetic derivatives of those components. If the pharmaceutical companies thought they could prove that the drinking of urine was bad for you and the only way to benefit from these components is in chemical pill form, I think they would spend the money to do those studies so that they could be presented to the world as proof why you need the medicine and not the urine.

 In my opinion, they know that urine is so good for you and to do the test would only prove that you could drink urine instead of buying expensive chemical derivatives

Then when a Doctor or Scientist goes against the system they make sure to use their power and influence to discredit that person so that there is no official, credible source of scientific documentation on the efficacy of drinking ones own urine.

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