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Urine Therapy


Sunday, 6 January 2013

The energy of life and longevity

It is easy to discount urine therapy until you realize that there is overwhelming anecdotal evidence along with a surprising amount of scientific studies. Renowned Institutes in India, China, Japan, Italy, Greece and even Germany and America have found strong evidence to support the use of urine therapy.
When some Japanese doctors were attending a medical conference in America and were questioned about this urotherapy, they found it surprising that it would be so easily rejected by that group with all the case studies which they had carefully participated in.
Urine therapy has been practiced for as long as any kind of written records have been kept. There are writings over 5,000 years old eluding to the benefits of drinking ones own urine. In almost every culture throughout history mankind has used urine therapy at one time or another.
In early Roman times, urine was so valuable that it was taxed and public places were erected in city squares for people to benefit from and contribute to urine troughs. During the eighteenth century in Europe, they used urine therapy to build and maintain health, cure asthma, relieve skin itching and rashes, gum disease and even whiten teeth.

Most of us are not in optimal health. By drinking your own urine you are reintroducing many of the necessary components to good health. The difference now is the components are already organized into a form that is readily available to the body without further processing.
With the use of urine therapy we reintroduce these precious nutrients and other biological information to the body in a readily absorb able state. Urine therapy contains an exact holographic image of body fluids, tissues and organ information. This information is read by sensors in the body much like a computer reads computer code.

Dr. Ronnie Ng

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  1. I am a Urine believer for 10 years. No more health supplements and saving me a lot of money. Also has not been to a doctor for treatment for 8 years.

    I rub urine on my body often and take a bit each morning. Keeping it the mouth is the most effective way. I am not worried about cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and many others as I have read so much about how one's urine has been useful in helping so many people.