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Urine Therapy


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Youthful Experience

Urine ingestion is frequently praised as possibly the best rejuvenation therapy known to us. It certainly rejuvenates the hair and the skin. The youthful appearance of many Buddhist monks is ascribed to their routine urine ingestion.
It seems that historically all cultures have used urine for medicinal purposes. It is praised in ancient Egyptian papyri, was used in ancient Rome, in China, India, America as well as European countries. The Journal of the American Medical Association states that in 'primitive medicine' there is scarcely a disease that has not been treated with the external or internal use of urine.
One well-known urine ingredient is melatonin, the hormone of the pineal gland. It regulates our body rhythms linked to the dark-light cycle. It is produced in the night and mostly expelled with the morning urine. However it is now highly valued as protecting us from cancer and ageing. Melatonin sales in California are said to top aspirin sales. But why pay much money for just one beneficial ingredient when there are thousands for free?
Problems may arise from ingesting large amounts of urine if one takes medicinal or recreational drugs as these drugs may be recycled and cause an overdose. The same may happen if one ingests other toxic substances. However, harmful substances are not necessarily reabsorbed and may just cause diarrhoea instead.
Dr. Ronnie Ng

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