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Urine Therapy


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Urine Therapy - It May Save Your Life

To begin with, Dr Beatrice Bartnett (author of Urine Therapy - It May Save Your Life) suggests making a prayer, thanking our bodies for providing us with this divine elixir, and drinking the urine slowly, willingly and with cheerfulness! This is all very well, considering that most people who start drinking urine find the taste much too sour, bitter or pungent and the odour way too strong. Even if the urine is diluted, they may experience nausea, headaches and other strong reactions before they get used to it and start seeing results.

Martha Christy (author of Your Own Perfect Medicine) suggests not taking copious amounts of water to flush out the kidneys, as this dilutes the healing properties of the urine.

It is good to remember that urine is a mere sample of what is flowing through the body’s veins, and any repulsion should be used as a motivation to improve the internal conditions rather than as an excuse for not using this miraculous therapy for creating health.

Urine is actually less toxic and more alive than much of the food and drink that we take into our bodies, which somehow manage to digest the junk foods and devitalized liquids and still produce a valuable, medicinal drink. However, how much more valuable for medicinal and cleansing purposes if the urine is the product of a body fed healthy, natural, organic and raw foods?

Drinking urine makes us think seriously about what we eat. Since it is a by-product of the blood, it makes sense that the cleaner the blood is, the healthier the urine will be. But even urine from relatively unhealthy blood contains valuable immunological factors that can improve health if recycled. Urine drinking’s cleansing effect on the blood can be observed by the change in taste and the colour of the urine: as it is more and more recycled, it becomes purer and clearer. If one has difficulty urinating --and it has been said that a weak flow is a sign of a weak life-force-- then this practice actually strengthens the flow of urine, consequently increasing the vital life-force.

Ingesting more toxic substances in the body, however, may neutralize the good effects of self-urine therapy. So it is recommended that anyone embarking on the therapy give up tobacco in all forms and restrict consumption of cold drinks, spices, fried foods, junk foods, refined foods and sugars as much as possible. Above all, it is best to avoid alcohol, meat and coffee as well as recreational drugs. It is also advisable to follow a low-salt, low-protein diet.

Like all other natural therapies, this is not a treatment that needs to be stopped after the relief of certain symptoms, but can be incorporated into one’s health regime. More subtle, yet very real effects of this therapy as a lifestyle choice include feeling stronger, more relaxed, more self-confident, invigorated and generally happier and lighter emotionally and physically.

Dr. Ronnie Ng

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