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Urine Therapy


Monday, 17 December 2012

Prejudice On Urine Therapy

1. Urine is full of germs.
In the first fifteen minutes after leaving the body, urine is absolutely sterile for the producer's own body. Only after this period do the germs begin their work. However, they are not dangerous at all, and can even be beneficial for external applications.
2. Urine smells.
After a while the uric acid in urine changes into ammonia, and only then does the urine start to smell. However, the smell will evaporate completely if the urine gets absorbed into the skin, or if, for example, it is used in the household on window glass and is thoroughly wiped off afterward.
3. Urine is a waste product.
How can it make sense to reintroduce into the body a fluid that it just has expended considerable effort to eliminate? A short and simple explanation: Urine comprises the sum of all the experiences that the body has had (much as our individual personalities comprise the sum of our experience). Records of disturbances, infections, diseases, and allergies are stored within our urine. If we confront our immune system with this information for a second time, we stimulate the construction of a (finally) effective defense. Urine therefore teaches the immune system a lesson.
4. Urine develops an unpleasant odor on the skin.
This is not true. It is, however, necessary for the fluid to be completely absorbed. If, for example, you make compresses, I recommend an animal fiber like wool rather than cotton, since the urine will not develop an odor in animal fibers while it will smell in cotton (as we know from cotton diapers). Urine should certainly not be used with synthetic fibers.
5. Urine contains viruses and bacteria.
Our own urine doesn't contain any viruses or bacteria that really could harm us because those have already been filtered out by the liver. And the remaining ones are exactly the ones that the body should fight with the help of urine therapy.
6. Urine tastes bad.
Healthy urine, especially the first evacuation in the morning, always tastes salty and bitter. This taste, however, will not be conducted through the capillaries of the tongue, but solely through the nose. If you pinch your nose while drinking, you will not taste anything.
7. Urine is responsible for diaper rash.
This is absolute nonsense, on which the diaper industry gets rich. Urine does not harm a baby's buttocks. A sore bottom is caused solely by the infant's diet or by the diet of the nursing mother.

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