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Urine Therapy


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

How to drink urine

It is difficult to convince people to drink their urine because they do not know how to do it without being disgusted. I have been reading a lot about Urine Therapy. I read several books "Your Own Perfect Medicine" and "The Golden Fountain".  I started with a few drops for the first few months before drinking few sips and ultimately drinking from the glass.  According to Martha Christy diet has a lot to do with recovery - a light diet with lots of fruits and water. The following testimonial is from the Health Education Library
Universe of health and education in India  Dr. V.P. Mehta, Mumbai
I am a qualified and experienced medical doctor with the highest degrees both in medicine and surgery. On March 12, 1986, I was diagnosed with cancer of the ary-epiglottic area (throat) with enlarged cervical lymph nodes. After receiving chemotherapy and a course of cobalt therapy I was to be operated on. Between August and October I tried UrineTherapy. By October 5, 1986, my disease was under control and the proposed surgery was cancelled. I have not only recovered in a medical sense, but I am also leading a fully active professional life. In other words, even the quality of my life has improved. I feel the same zeal which I felt 30 years ago.     Dr. Ronnie Ng

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