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Urine Therapy


Monday, 12 September 2011

Urine therapy - Water of Life

Today marked my 83rd day on Urine Therapy.


My name is Dainis W. Michel, and I came down with tinnitus on Feb 15, 2002 at 4:30 PM. I heard a loud crack in my left ear, and my life has been very different since. I spent all of my money on medical treatments and had almost nothing left. I'd borrowed money from family, and I had a lot of pressure to pursue my studies, work, and other obligations full steam.
I came across John Armstrong's book Urine, the Water of Life, and I figured, what the heck...I don't have any money for any more medical treatments.
Since then I've purchased a number of books on Urine Therapy, I've contacted the Water of Life Foundation in India, and well, I've had at least a little bit of my own urine every day since November of 2004. I intentionally skipped three days at one point, because at the time, I thought my body might benefit from a "break."
Since Nov. 2004, I've had two days of quick, short colds. Both colds had a direct relationship to emotional circumstances (parents' divorce, mother-in-law's visit).
Besides that, my hair is starting to turn dark again. I've been incredibly strong. I passed a yard-long parasite during a urine and water fast, and well, here I am with a website about urine therapy. Believe me, I never, ever expected such a funky twist in my medical adventure.
Through a variety of therapies, I've reduced my tinnitus to the point where it is hardly a factor in my life. I don't like it that I still have even the slightest amount of tinnitus though, so I'm working to take care of that "last little bit." Also, I have quite a bit of muscular skeletal work I need to do, and I think that when I bring my body into proper physical alignment, that the rest of the tinnitus will disappear.
If it doesn't, I'll keep going, I'll keep searching, and I'll keep applying my best intentions to fully heal myself.

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