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Urine Therapy


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Urine Therapy Testimonials

Today marked my 91th day on Urine Therapy.

Ms. Millie Mitra - Mumbai

I would like to share my experience with urine therapy as the mother of 2 beautiful girls, now aged 6 and 10.
I started drinking urine regularly in 1994 when Tashi was 2 years old. She would watch me drink it and soon willingly drank her own urine every now and then. There was no disgust or aversion at all from her since she had not been conditioned into believing it was dirty. Over the next 4 years that we lived in Sri Lanka, where I had no confidence in the medical system, Tashi's health was protected entirely through urine therapy. My faith in urine as a protector is total. I view urine as a remedy that is with us whenever we need it...a reliable and constant companion that will never let you down.
Tashi would get an allergic cough every night from 2 am to 4 am. It was a rasping cough that would keep her awake and in much discomfort. She soon realized that taking just a sip or two of fresh urine would immediately stop the coughing bout. Just 4 or 5 years old then, she would get up from sleep, collect her urine and drink it all on her own initiative! Then she would slip into bed and i would find her sleeping soundly. Since then she has had no more allergic coughing bouts.
Another incident occurred when Tashi had a severe ear pain. I put just 2-3 drops of old urine into her ear and the pain left her within minutes. I have heard many mothers often cry over their children's ear pain where they have been helpless in bringing quick relief even with allopathic ear drops. I am writing to share this knowledge so all mums can, like me, live without any fear or dread of how to handle a ear pain even if they were in the remotest corner of the world without access to any doctor or medicine!
The same can be said for any pain that children complain about in their growing up years. A throbbing headache disappeared in a few minutes for Tashi just with application of cotton wads soaked in fresh urine around the eyes and temples. Conjunctivitis and scratching eyes have been soothed immediately by washing them with fresh urine. Aching legs, which most often ache at night, were massaged gently with urine and i was told, "mummy, its magic, the pain has gone".
Tara, the younger daughter, brought up almost entirely in Sri Lanka never took to drinking urine then. She had often seen and heard the maid express disgust about it and no amount of coercion would get her to take even a single drop. Now, however after experiencing first hand how effective urine has been she not only asks that it be used on her but also prescribes it to anyone she meets!
Tara was two or three months old when she developed a respiratory infection. The doctor suggested antibiotics without which he said there could be complications of pneumonia. I hung on to my faith in urine working it out. After every breastfeed, i would collect urine that Tara passed and immediately give her a couple of drops. I continued to do this for some days. Around the fifth day, late evening, Tara vomited and was purged of all the phlegm and mucous that was causing the infection. There was no further sign of any cough or respiratory problem.
Recently, Tara was in acute pain from an infected toe. The area under the nail was filled with pus and blood. Bandaging the affected part overnight with cotton soaked in fresh urine opened up the inflammation and brought on immediate relief. The toe was fully healed in 2-3 days.
I have suggested urine as a remedy to other mothers and they have reported its efficacy 100%. A classmate of Tashi who had a scalp infection that was so itchy, was totally cured after one application of urine. Another baby with a burn on the tummy was healed using urine, leaving the skin as smooth and good as new. The list of cures is endless. And so is my gratitude that I know about urine therapy and can depend on it for the safety and protection of my children.
For me, urine is a sacred liquid and using an act of worship.
Ms. Helena Novisc - (Name changed) Yugoslavia

I am so glad that I got your letter today. Because I have a good news for you, nearly 2 months ago I found that I have 3 cm cist on my right ovary and I didn’t have my periods for the last 6 months, plus I had nearly every month outbreak of my genital herpes.
Today, I went to the doctor to have sonography done, to see if my cist is bigger or smaller or may be it is not there at all. My doctor was very much surprised and happy. He did not find the cist. He said every thing is OK. I didn’t tell him what I did. I just told him that I have been taking the tablets, which he gave to me for hormones. But I am writing to you what I did.
So, after your letter and support I said to my self I have to be more strong. I started yoga course and doing every day. Every morning I am drinking my urine, and doing meditation for 15 minutes and then I go to work. Only I didn’t take my urine when I have my period. I fasted for one week; I didn’t do the old urine massage. Everything else I do as you told me.
For six months I didn’t have my periods. So now, since 2 months I have my periods regularly. I don’t have outbreak of genital herpes and I don’t have cist too. So, I feel like born again. I feel strong, healthy and happy that after my hard work there is a great result. Thank God that I found you. Now, I’ll drink my URINE every morning for rest of my life. I’ll have contact with you.
What I found out is that YOGA with URINE THERAPY WORKS GREAT.
Now, I will try if possible to get out from my body that virus-herpes. I didn’t tell to my doctor that I was doing urine therapy, because I don’t think he will believe. I told him that I used that tablet he gave to me. But I didn’t take even one tablet. God bless you and all your people who work hard to help people. God bless you and a big Thanks.
Ms. Sultana Rahim - (Name changed) Ahmedabad

I take my Urine since last 6 months. i.e. the first morning urine. Before the use of urine-therapy. I used to get tired quite often my leg muscles used to pain a lot while climbing stairs. I would get loose motions often. I was prone to cough and cold every three months.
Now after six months. I really feel the difference in my health. I feel full of energy there is no pain in my muscles. My immunity has increased I have not caught cold and cough in these months.
I look at this liquid as a spiritual elixir which keeps me healthy. It is always good to be healthy in life without taking outside medicines. I desire to continue this therapy, as I do not feel wrong in doing so and the most important thing it has given good amount of energy to my body.
I belong to a Muslim community. My decision to take my urine has no connection with my religion. The decision is spiritual it has come from my heart, whatever the heart says is always the truth.
Ms. Urmila Chatterji -(Name changed) Kolkata

I had read about Urine therapy in Nirogdham a magazine. So after reading the magazine and knowing about the goodness of Urine Therapy I also decided to take it.
First time when I took it, I felt nauseated whole day. After 15 days I again tried and then it was OK. I did not feel any vomiting sensation, so I started having it every morning. Previously I always used to suffer from constipation, Tonsils and bad throat. Later I realized that my constipation had gone and my throat is also in good condition, now I drink cold water also, and I have not got sore throat.
Just four five days back I had a very high fever with severe headache I did not take any medicine just drank my own Urine two three times a day and just the next day my fever started going down and it came to 98.8 by night. Next day in the morning it was 97.6 and after that I did not measure as I started feeling all right.
Ms. Nirmala Shetty - (Name changed) Bangalore

It was during mid November 98 when I received a letter from my Guruji’s ashram, explaining to me the benefits of Urine Therapy. It has been about 3 months now that I have been sincerely following the rules of the Therapy. This, I feel has brought a drastic change in my meditation and in my life style. I feel enlightened and light in weight, all thanks to this Therapy of life.
I start early in the morning at 3 am, and collect my urine. With this, I firstly clean eyes and drink about a glass full. After drinking and eye wash I sit for my meditation. Before taking a bath at about 7 am, I take some more fresh Urine and inhale it through my nostrils. This keeps me away from cold and cough. After this I wash my face and massage my body with the Urine.
In about half an hour of after my massage I take a hot water shower, without the use of soap. This makes me feel fresh and very active to attend to my daily activities.
The application on my scalp and in my hair has helped me get rid of dandruff, hair fall and split ends. In fact it has initiated the growth of new hair and the texture of my hair has also improved tremendously, making it long, beautiful and strong. I would like to point out that my hair has never felt so nice, irrespective of the numerous oil massages that I have had in the past. Today, I do not feel the need to spend any money on hair care.
This winter when Bombay experienced some real cold waves, I refrained from using any types of creams or moisturizers. Just the fresh intake every morning has helped me to get rid of blemishes, pimples, boils and given my skin a radiant glow. The change has been so drastic that the people around me have noticed the change and the compliments just don’t seem to end.
The novel thing here is that I have eliminated the role of medicines totally in my life.
A FULL STOP to the medicines, which I felt were absolutely compulsory for my well being, have been totally stopped by me and the surprising part is that I feel healthier and better.
A continuous intake helps me remove all the toxins in my body in form of small boils which appear on my skin and disappear in a day or two, on its own, without leaving any mark, as though they were never there.
Urine Therapy has indeed been the best cure for all diseases; weather an internal or external problem. It is the best cure for all illnesses. Urine, as for me, is a God gifted medicine, within our system. I would like to advice one and all to have full faith in its powers and with sincere dedication and regular application and use, we can get rid of all the allopathic medicines and lead a clean pure and healthy life.
Mr. Shivram Iyer - (Name changed) Mysore

Thank you for your book ‘Wonders of Uropathy’ which I saw by chance in Rishikesh. Being a U.T. enthusiast, bought the book instantly. I had started UT 9 years back drinking first urine in the morning. Had hepatitis in 1975 and 81 but since I have started U.T. I feel OK.
In fact I started U.T. on a friend’s advice in Germany, where I go often, because my wife is German. I started U.T. due to a chronic congestion (Total Blocking) in my nose since 1975.
I used to have cold even at the slightest pretext if it went on for long, perhaps that was the cause. Since then I have to use OTRIVIN decongestant a few times a day. I have tried all pathies including acupuncture, allergy treatment diet control but nothing helped.
Now I am doing jalneti salt water. More recently with FRESH Urine it is helping slowly. Recently I got ultrasound done by an ENT. Specialist in Germany he diagnosed injected caves cover the gums of advised surgery which I did not go for. I don’t have sinusitis no discharge, no growth some say it is allergy. One interesting thing when I run or play tennis my nose opens totally but closed after a while.
Now I am drinking Urine at least 2 times a day.
Mr. Balvant Singh Khurana - (Name changed) Patiala

I, Balvant Singh Khurana, retired works Manager from PRTC am practicing Acupressure Therapy. A few days back I read a book named ‘Shivambu Gita’ written by Dr. G. K. Thakkar and gained faith and started the same next morning. Since three month I have been taking shivambu around 200ml in morning, massaging my body as well as washing my hair.
Before the use of shivambu I had chest pains very often and felt tried. But now I do have pains but not frequently and feel myself energetic. By my experience, I would like to say that shivambu is the real medicine for all cure as well as incurable diseases my hair has started graying.
I have treated a patient who was diabetic and had heart attack a month back. His level of blood sugar was 180. He became very weak a pale after the attack. He could not stand by himself properly. His hair started falling I advised him shivambu therapy and he agreed.
The third day he came to me told me that he has gained a little strength he continued to do so. After one month his level of sugar has come to normal and can not only walk independently but also has started cycling. Apart from this case I have sent thirty patients here who regularly take this treatment and are well satisfied.
It is my wholeheartedly desire to become a member of your association. Would you please be kind enough to let me know the procedure I am willing to know about your rules and regulations. Please do send us any literature regarding this therapy by which we can get help treating my patients I shall be looking forward to hearing from you at the earliest.
Ms. Irena Hilscher – (Name changed) Italy

Thank you for your letter. My age is 50 years. During the first month of my chemotherapy I was not on Urine Therapy. I started with two glasses a day, one glass in the morning and one in the evening. Since I started the urine therapy, I am feeling better, I do not feel sick and I feel as if I have more energy.
Your letter gives me hope and much optimism. I have been applying the urine packs on my breast whilst continuing with drinking of Urine, and feeling great, the breast also feels much better and the tumor much smaller. I will now start Yoga and meditation. I have been recommending Urotherapy to many people with various illnesses and all seem eager.
Hope to hear from you soon.
At this time I have found that I do not need to take my prescription drugs, as I am feeling very well. I have done some research on urine therapy and since using it I have a great faith that it is working for me. My friend, Helena has led the way. I continue with Urine Therapy because I believe in it. There is so much more for me to learn about urine therapy. If you could help with more information I would dearly appreciate as much information.
Ms. Reena Gupta (Name changed) Varanasi

I started this therapy around 5 Dec. 2001, on the basis of whatever information I could get from the books.

Since early morning urine used to smell a lot, I drank urine 2–3 times in a day for about two months. My periods, which I got this month, was very painful and the pain remain for 10 days where as the bleeding was only for two days. I had been married six years with no children. On doctor’s recommendation got first ultra sound done and .5 cms fibroid was found. Even after doing homeopathy for about two months there was no sign of relief. Second time ultrasound test showed 1.5 cms fibroid but the pain persisted even after endoscopy but the real reason for pain could not be diagnosed.
But Allopath doctors suggested to go to Mumbai and get operated with no guarantee for relief.

After getting tired of all this, I made up my mind to do urine therapy more effectively for which I had written to you for guidance. We also met Mr. Manikchand Maru from Indore. I started doing urine therapy since 16 Feb 2001 intensely with total trust and conviction.

1) Did fasting with just water and urine for seven days

2) Did massage with 4 to 5 days old urine.

3) Did douche with fresh or old urine.

4) Urine pack was also placed below the lower abdomen for
30 to 60 minutes 2 to 3 times a day.

5) Some times massage was replaced with douche two times a day.

6) After 7 days of fast, had vegetable soup and salad without salt with a bit of lime in it.

After 15 days I had to start taking salt because of low pressure built up rest all the routines went on as usual. After keeping warm urine pack, on my next period, the pain was same but bleeding was much more with big blood clots for about 4 to 5 days only.

Same routine of urine therapy went on for the next whole month. This being the second month of the therapy, I slowly changed my diet with the normal food. This time the period came on time with much more blood clots and the pain was reduced from 4 days to 2 days whereas the duration of period increased from 2 days to 4 days. By the 3rd month the routine went on same way and my period detailed for two weeks and we got checked up were in pregnancy was confirmed from that time onwards I never experienced pain. Now my son is two years old and we are thankful to the miracles of urine therapy.

Maqbool Q. Hamzadeh- (Name changed) Iran
Thanks for your interesting site.
I live in Iran you may know we are Muslims in our religion urine using For bidden but I got sever psoriasis the and skin specialist could not help me and my illness become worse by day. Until I get computer after connection to Internet with good diet and urine therapy as various sites I could get ride of this so hard psoriasis effectively as my recommendation few people start AUT they also get good results I hope you accept my highly appreciation for your interesting site.


  1. My name is Joann and I live in Houston. I have Celiac disease. I need to be on a special diet. I get loose stools and weak hair and nails because I don't absorb nutrients well due to Celiac disease. I was just roaming the web a week ago on a 'natural' hair blog and someone wrote in the comments that she washes her hair with her urine. I did more research on that and learned more about drinking urine. That night I washed my hair in my urine. It was shiny and bouncy. The next day I worked up the courage to drink 'it'. I had a gag reflex but I kept at it. I noticed right away that my loose stool problem was gone. That was amazing for me. I did more research and learned about a supplement called Propolis that takes the odor out of urine. This works best if you pour it into the cup before you add urine. After that, I was able to drink my urine with less gag reflex. I have drank it three or four times a day for a week now and my body is much happier. I only wish this was something I could share on Facebook or some where public but I know it would just get laughed at. I'm happy I found this forum to use and share my story. Thanks

    1. Can you tell me if you were able to tolerate gluten after a few months on the UT? I am only gluten intolerant but there is NO gluten free anything available within an hour of my home and I am desperate to find a way to eat some gluten foods. Thank you so much for your time.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thank you so much for for your post. We suspect that my son has celiac disease. He is going to be tested next week. The first thing that came to my mind was to try urine therapy, as I have a friend who got "cured" from diabetes using it. Her aunt got cured from breast cancer. Their doctors couldn't believe it, but the tests confirmed that they no longer had the diseases. As you, neither my friend nor I would write about it on Facebook or a similar outlet. We would just get laughed at. My parents are medical doctors and I have shared the information on urine therapy with them and, after extremely long conversations, they believe it can work and have come up with their own explanations for this. But for now, I am interested in knowing more about the experiences of Celiac disease suffers. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Hello,

    Today is my 12 day in urine therapy. I'm doing it for fertility.I was diagnosed with Primary Ovarian Insufficiency. I have been trying to get pregnant for 7 years without success. Can anyone tell me if they have been successful with Urine therapy in fertility? Thank you very much

  4. Wow, these testimonials are great news for Holistic medicine. But I did notice that no one mentioned Cancer in their testimonials. Does this mean that urine therapy can't be included for alternative cancer treatments?

    1. You'll find all your answers on this testimonials page, thanks

  5. Laurie Weber April 26, 2014

    I started drinking my urine in 1995. I spent time in India and contracted a rare virus while I was there. I had symptoms up until a year later. Hives on body after I ate. Severe brain fog after I ate certain foods. Not being able to feel my feet touch the ground. After going through both western and eastern medicines and nothing worked. I read a book called "THE WATER OF LIFE" by John Armstrong and I then did it. My symptoms were gone the first week and never returned. Since then I drink it on and off. For sure every time that I feel like I might be coming down with something I drink every drop.
    John Armstrong cured people with urine fasting with fourth stage cancer and lots of different diseases. It is the best medicine that exists.

  6. Let me tell you how good this stuff works. I went to my great grandpas one day and was talking to him to see if he had ever heard of it. He said no but would like to try it. I gave the zipper a yank and turned loose all over the place.Over 1/2 a liter, maybe more. Feeling sad that there was no response I began to walk away when I heard this digging sound.
    I turned around and out he came yelling "Boy ! Where's my damn horse ?" AMAZING !!!! He died in 1946 !

  7. i am doing urine therapy from 3-4 months with good results,but from 10 days i am having cold and sore throat. and urine therapy is not responding to it. i am so tired. i had 2 days of fast as i had fever in between and it went in one and half days but this cold is not leaving me at all. what should i do. i cant do fast every time as i do job. plz tell me right method.

    1. Hello Meg your detoxing it isn't a cold your body is getting rid of toxins this happens with distilled water and urine as it cleans us from the inside out, how long it takes varies greatly depending on medications age diet etc but eating as well as you can may speed it along :)

  8. These stories are amazing and touching.

  9. This is almost two years now i dont know medicine look or test like due to urine theraphy,before every two months i must treat iether maleria or other minor ilment,but now am free from westing my money for toxic chemicals use in mededcine production"God i thank you for urine.

  10. after reading all these testimonies on this forum, I am convinced now that urine does contain healing powers. I cant wait to try this amazing juice and see and feel the difference.

    thank you all for sharing your experiences here.

    Samson Wamo

  11. I would appreciate comments or testimonies from people who got healed from any form of cancer using urine therapy.
    Can someone email me with such testimonies.



  12. Can I drink urine when eat goat liver only? If we eat non-veg, urine contains more nitrogen. But liver not having much protein it has iron mainly, so I asked this question. For anemia and ejaculation i drinking urine for past 2 years.

  13. Can I drink urine when eat goat liver only? If we eat non-veg, urine contains more nitrogen. But liver not having much protein it has iron mainly, so I asked this question. For anemia and ejaculation i drinking urine for past 2 years.


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    Today I am cured of diabetes. One other issue that occurred after 6 months into the program was the incredible rise in my libido. Really, I spend so much time now walking around like a bull in springtime.
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