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Urine Therapy


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Auto-Urine Therapy (AUT)

What is it exactly
Auto-urine therapy (AUT) is the use of urine (pee, pee pee, piss), your own in most cases to cure your ills naturally and can be used either internally or externally.
This involves drinking your urine to cure internal problems like colds and stomach upsets. Other uses such as urine eye drops and urine enemas fall into this category but are less widespread. Never try to inject urine as this could be fatal.
When using urine for internal treatment the general opinion is the fresher the better, you can pee strait into a coffee cup or pitcher and drink. However some people prefer to leave it long enough to cool, this works just as well. It is also advisable to use the first urine of the day, the optimal time being between 4 am and 6 am so if you get up in the night to go to the toilet, have a jug handy.
This concerns the treatment of skin condition and other external problems where there urine is rubbed into the skin like a salve. This can be used on rashes, athletes foot or to moisturise and rejuvenate skin (it is 95% water).
When ‘creating’ this treatment most people people think it is better to leave urine to be used externally for around 4 days as older urine has a slightly different make-up. So when you need to go, maybe store it in a jug then keep it somewhere cool dry and out the way until it is ready.
Wait a minute, my own urine! Thats weird isn’t it?
Not at all its a age old safe remedy that manly water after all urine is only water with about 2.5% Urea and a few salts hormones and minerals. It’s also wide spread in India and China. According to Xinhua news agency more than three million Chinese drink their own urine believing that it is good for their health. It’s even in the bible
“Drink water from your own cistern, flowing water from your own well.” -The Book of Proverbs 5:15
And what can be more natural than the what your own body provides you.
But urine is a waste product isn’t it?
Well it is and it isn’t, while urine is a way of cleaning out your system it is not a waste product like excrement (poop).
People are put off from urine therapy especially internal because of its similarity to excreting, or pooping to everyone without a medicine degree. It is true that poop is full of harmful bacteria and should not be used externally or ingested and all surfaces should be washed thoroughly, but urine has none of these properties and is once out of the body is completely sterile.
Just think of the difference in cleaning, you use all kinds of harsh chemicals and bleaches on your toilet, but if you spill urine, say you wet your clothes or bed, then you’d just put it in the washing machine.
Isn’t all this herbal medicine a load of BS though?
The short answer is yes. No alternative has been proven to have a statistically higher medicinal value than a similarly administered placebo. But what they don’t tell you is placebos are very effective.
There are often a lot more effective than no treatment at all, the body never becomes resistant to them, they have no side effects and you can’t overdose. What is even better[spin] is the more drastic the placebo the more drastic the results, taking a placebo injection will have more effect then taking a placebo [spin]tablet because it feels more serious.
With that in mind what is more dramatic than waking up needing to go to the toilet but instead going to your kitchen getting out a glass, filling it up with your own pee then drinking it. Pretty far outside the box.
However if you have any serious medical issues you should always consult a fully qualified doctor. No amount of urine and tea leaves cures cancer.
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