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Urine Therapy


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Urine Therapy - Your Own Perfect Medicine

‘Your Own Perfect Medicine’, Christy, Martha M., Wishland Publishing, 1994.
Like many people who become advocates for a particular therapy, they have used that therapy to successfully treat themselves. So it was with Christy who used urine therapy to treat herself for Chron’s disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a number of others from which she had suffered for thirty years and which had unsuccessfully been treated with conventional medicine. Of course she took additional measures including good nutrition and rest which would be well advised for everyone, whatever condition they were treating and whatever way they were treating it.

Christy describes herself as a nutritional and natural health care consultant, medical research writer and editor. She is the author of about half a dozen other publications. This book is a 1994 publication and so its content is not more recent than 1993, despite its five subsequent reprints, the most recent of which was Feb. 2000. To some extent the success of ‘Your Own Perfect Medicine’ is attested to by the numerous reprints. Christy devotes over half of her book to what she calls research evidence, and 44 case studies. These studies cover a broad range of conditions such as infected wounds, ulcers, jaundice, respiratory conditions, cancer, AIDS and allergies. She appears to reference her work wherever she can. Other chapters include a history of urine therapy, how to use the therapy at home, and there is a chapter containing personal testimonials about specific conditions, including cancer and Hepatitis B. There is an Appendix of suggested reading but the weakness of the Appendix is that only one of the fifteen titles is about urine therapy. There is quite a detailed index making it easy to track down a particular topic. This is a book to be read by anyone wanting more up to date accounts of the successful use of urine therapy.

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