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Urine Therapy


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Urine Therapy -Get Rid Of Acne

The longest beauty battle with teenagers and young adults is ACNE! There is acne treatment in every form – soaps, creams, capsules, ointments, oils – just name it! Personally, nothing really works for me so I just let my face be.

Anyway, a way that works, is effective and costs you nothing at all is urinotherapy. I’ve realised that people are swayed by names; hence the name URINOTHERAPY. If I used something like ‘Urine and acne’ or ‘Urine as an acne treatment’, then most people won’t bother reading again because it doesn’t sound ‘scientific’ or ‘medical’. It all boils down to packaging but that’s a post for another day.

Back to urinotherapy, our first reaction to urine for acne treatment is this but contrary to popular belief, urine is about 90-95% water and is therefore not toxic. The smell also fades after it dries but dont worry you wont be wearing a urine mask all day. Its quite simple … For acne, its usually the first urine passed for the day used. I’ve outlined a few steps below:

Collect the midstream of your urine first thing in the morning in a container.
Use a cotton wool or facial tissue to dip into the urine collected.
Apply to the acne and leave it on for about 10 minutes or more.
Rinse it off with water.

The beauty of this form of therapy is that again its 100% natural. Most acne treatments contain urea which is a main component of urine. You can apply this treatment twice a day for maximum effects or even leave overnight. It generally has no side effects but some may experience a slight tingling sensation.

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