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Urine Therapy


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Urine Therapy - Acts Like A Vaccine

Dr. Dharmadhikari of Pune in Maharashtra state, India, has tried auto urine therapy on more than 200 patients, and has carried out scientific investigations related to this therapy. Here are the conclusions he has arrived at as a result of these researches:
  • The body begins to absorb more oxygen from the atmosphere after the commencement of auto-urine therapy, and the metabolic reactions are speeded up. The results of a large number of experiments support this conclusion.
  • The commencement of auto-urine therapy is invariably followed by a slow but definite increase in the number of red blood corpuscles in and the haemoglobin content of the blood.
Dr. Dharmadhikari believes that these changes in body functions play a very important part in curing disorders. In the book 'Yoga' published by the Bihar School of Yoga, Monghyr, a knowledgeable and learned doctor has ascribed the efficacy of urine to the following reasons:
  • Urine supplements the essential nutrients and makes up the deficiency of any nutrient in the body.
  • Urine contains highly active enzymes, that have a salutary effect on al the physiological reaction taking place in the body
  • Urine contains valuable salts necessary for the body. (The well-known and widely prevalent 'Biochemic' therapeutic system uses just twelve salts to cure any and every disease).
  • The hormones contained in urine are of great benefit to the body.
  • Urine possesses bactericidal properties. It therefore destroys the disease-causing bacteria in the body, especially those infesting the digestive tract.
  • The substances present in the urine augment and sharpen the body's natural powers of resistance to disease.
  • The substance called 'urea' present in urine is a diuretic and increases the efficiency of the kidneys.
  • Urine is a tonic that strengthens the body, and an 'elixir' the confers longevity .
Ayurveda and other ancient works on medicinal science have accorded their approval to the drinking of urine as a therapeutic measure.

It is believed by some researchers that urine acts like a vaccine, promoting the generation of antibodies that fight and over the agencies that cause disorders, thus resisting and curing diseases.

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