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Urine Therapy


Monday, 31 October 2011

The Fountain of Youth

By Bob Silverstein, N.U.T. (Naturopathic Urine Therapist)

This strange behavior, called "urine therapy," or "auto-immune therapy," or "intrinsic medicine," or simply "UT," and also known in India as "amaroli" (the practise itself) and "Shivambu" (urine, the "water of Shiva"), has a well-documented, proven record of its power to heal an amazing variety of ills, with no negative or harmful effects. Urine is a divine nectar, with supernatural qualities.

After all, as the Bible says, "the life (or life-force) of the flesh is in the blood," and as urine comes from the blood, it contains that "life-force." Imbibed fresh and warm, it is a living food, and a nourishing drink, that is also cleansing, as well as medicinal. Urine is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. It is used in cases of AIDS (only AIDS anti-bodies in urine); cancer; fatigue; anemia; all sorts of urinary diseases, for weight-loss, colds and flu, candida, diabetes, digestive problems, jaundice, etc. It is medically-proven against polio, rabies, and tuberculosis. The list of diseases for which it is effective is very long, and around 175 known diseases are said to respond to this kind of therapy. (See longer, partial list at end of this report). Urine therapy i

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Urine Therapy

Today marked my 130th day on Urine Therapy.


"Briefly, if urine is ingested and/or rubbed into the skin, it purifies blood and tissues, provides useful nutrients and sends the body a signal about what is in or out of balance. This last effect is called (oral) auto-immunization. This brings us at a last important feature of urine. Urine itself is, as said, not a toxic waste product. It does contain however minute particles connected with possible disease processes in the body. These minute particles are mainly antibodies, which upon re-ingesting can help the body to react on specific pathological situations. Urine therapy has proven helpful in a great number of various diseases, ranging from a simple cold and a sore throat to tuberculosis and asthma, from minor skin problems such as itching, to more serious skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and even skin cancer."

The Golden Fountain, the most complete book to date on urine therapy, is the result of those investigations. It includes detailed case histories and a user-friendly guide to its application in the treatment of specific ailments, including cancer, tuberculosis, skin complaints, eye infections, wounds, burns and scars. Coen van der Kroon discovered that the use of urine as medicine in one form or another can be found in many medical traditions of people or tribes who are in close contact with nature. Native North Americans, gypsies and Eskimos are among those cited in his book.

Coen van der Kroon covers almost all questions concerning urine therapy and its history in his book The Golden Fountain; The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy. (Coen van der Kroon is a health consultant, living in Amsterdam, Holland.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Nature's Elixir For Good Health

Today marked my 129th day on Urine Therapy.


Urine Therapy: Nature's Elixir for Good Health by Flora, Ph.D. Peschek-Bohmer, Gisela Schreiber, Flora, Ph.D Peschek-Bohmer

An introduction to urine therapy 's amazing effectiveness in treating a wide array of physical complaints. Contains effective treatments for acne, asthma, hair loss, indigestion, infections, migraines, warts, wrinkles, and many other common ailments. Examines the historical use of urine therapy in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Includes a program for overcoming initial aversion to urine therapy.

If you are like most people, trained from their earliest years to regard urine as a mere waste product, the thought of using it for its healing powers may seem shocking. Yet urine has long played an important role in the holistic medical traditions of societies all over the world, and is even mentioned in the Ebers Medical Papyri of ancient Egypt. For centuries people have been availing themselves of urine's incredible curative powers for ailments ranging from anemia to warts. Urine is free, sterile, and acts homeopathically to "prepare" the immune system. Urine Therapy includes many case histories of people who have successfully treated their ailments with urine, along with cogent explanations of why urine does what it does, how to ensure that the wastes flushed out with your urine aren't taken back in, and why urine may be the best tonic available for your immune system. In addition to protocols for using urine to treat a wide array of diseases, the book offers a program that teaches you step-by-step to overcome any initial aversion to urine therapy. Still playing an important role in the medical systems of countries as diverse as Germany, Japan, and India, this surprising health treatment has been

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Making Your Own Medicine

Today marked my 128th day on Urine Therapy.


Making Your Own Medicine
by Roy Oakes

How common is the use of urine? It is used in the manufacture of hormones, diuretics, and cancer fighting drugs. As urea, it is one of the primary ingredients in many face and skin creams---just read the labels---because it is one of the best moisturizers available. As a medicine, it can be used as an extract, injected, topically and in oral applications. Scientific research on urine therapy started at the turn of the last century and continued until shortly after World War II, when drug companies realized there was more money to be made in urine extracts than in promoting its self-healing properties.

Dr. Williams states that urine is probably the most specific customized medicine you will ever have available. He refers to the remarkable story of Martha Christy, who for years suffered a long list of chronic ailments untreatable by conventional medicine. She reluctantly agreed to try urine therapy and experienced almost immediate relief. She went on to document not only her story but those of many others in her book " Christy cites numerous medical and scientific studies that have been conducted on urine, as well as testimonials from numerous converts, and provides a good resource for understanding the benefits and supporting evidence for using urine therapy. Home Cure also offers a source book for physicians.

For me the most compelling argument for trying urine therapy was its benefit in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Urine Therapy & Medication

Today marked my 126th day on Urine Therapy.


Urine Therapy and Medication (allopathic drugs)
There are differences of opinions:

"It is generally not recommended to combine urine therapy with the use of (prescribed) chemical, allopathic medicines or recreational drugs. The combination may be dangerous to your health. If you are taking any form of allopathic medicine, begin with the external application (urine massage) until you are free of all medication, if possible. If it is not possible or safe to stop the use of certain medicines, start with taking a few drops of urine internally or use a homeopathic tincture or gently rub fresh urine into the acupressure points of your ears. Keep looking and feeling very carefully how you and your body are reacting on the treatment. When suffering from a serious illness or, generally, when in doubt, consult a good natural doctor." The simple use of one's own urine

This from Martin Lara author of "Uropathy"p.155 "Although I don't recommend mixing medicines with urine therapy, there have been cases of individuals who were very ill at home or in a hospital--some dying of AIDS, cancer and other diseases -- who were receiving chemotherapy when they decided to s tart using their urine. These people had nothing to lose and they took a chance by drinking their urine while they were taking medications. In these cases, something truly amazing happened: urine seemed to be such a powerful stimulant to the immune system that medications were completely neutralized and expelled from the body in a matter of days. These individuals reported miraculous improvement over a few days. The headaches, pains in the body, diarrhoea, vomiting, lack of appetite and physical decay afflicting them usually improved in a few days. And simultaneously, these people developed a tremendous appetite. These people stated that they felt an immediate improvement when they started using their urine. In many cases they recovered so quickly that their doctors were completely baffled. In a few days they went home where they could resume their sleeping habits and take control of their health and their lives. After going home, several individuals gained as much as 25 pounds within a month of practicing uropathy, eating better food and taking good care of themselves. I really don't know how each person will react and I ask that you be very careful before making

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Urine Therapy For Clear Skin

Today marked my 125th day on Urine Therapy.


Anything For a Clear Skin
How far are you willing to go to get rid of acne? Some alleged natural acne cures border on being weird to just plain, well, icky . I am not saying that they are ridiculous and stupid treatments. But the idea behind these treatments is a little too hard to take at first.
Imagine slathering your face with a bird poop or using your own pee as a facial toner. And leaving them on for a few minutes or, in the case of urine, overnight. I couldn't imagine my husband kissing me goodnight and caressing my face before we sleep, if he knew that my skin is soaking in my own golden fluid. And a lot of people wouldn't even fancy putting them on in the first place.
But for the brave and daring (and sometimes desperate), no stench or revolting thought is ever too great than the desire to get rid of acne. So they went in and got their hand dirtied with these excrement, and surprisingly (or maybe not), they cleared their faces of pimples and have been putting on a blemish-free skin eversince.
In other words, these odd treatments, no matter how gross they appear, worked for them. And it might work for you too, if you have what it takes.
Urine Facial Theraphy
Urine Therapy or Urotherapy is an alternative medicinal practice that's been going on for many, many years and is more prominently observed in Asian countries like India and China. They said even the esteemed leader, Gandhi, drank his own urine.
But as an acne treatment, you don't have to gulp down your own golden fluid. You just need to splash it on your face or soak a cottonball and wipe it on your skin like a toner, preferably after you wash your face before you sleep at night, and leave it on until you wake up the following day.
They say that it smells, as expected, but the smell wears off as it dries. Some note that dried urine feels sticky on the skin. But that's pretty much it, a very simple yet very effective skin regimen, according to practitioners.
Why Urine?
Although there's no official scientific study on urine and its medicinal benefits, advocates claim that urine is the true panacea, a cure-all elixir that our own body manufactures. It is said to cure a host of different diseases ranging from the mild to chronic to something as serious as cancer and AIDS.
The gist of it all is this: urine is not really a body waste as we have been told for so long. It is a blood byproduct, a sterile liquid that contains all the excessive nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antibodies that our body have no immediate use for. Sometimes, it also has an insignificant amount of toxins (especially if you're on medication) but is generally not harmful when ingested.
By reintroducing all these back into our system, the vitamins and minerals will be reabsorbed, recycled or converted into other useful substances, while the toxins will trigger our body to produce more antibodies and thereby, bolstering up our immune system.
Actually, urine therapists suggest that you should both drink and massage urine on your skin for best results. It has effective healing properties and a toning effect on the skin. People who apply it on their face noted visible improvement on the tone, texture and glow of their skin, size of the pores and a huge reduction in the inflammation, size, and number of their pimples. It is said to be effective in removing even the most stubborn of bumps.
If all these claims are true, then it really sound like an ultimate acne cure. But no established medical and scientific research have stamped its approval on the therapeutic and curative benefits of urine, which is why skeptics are not convinced. Most of the facts are based on people's testimonials and on the long historical accounts of this holistic method.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Urine Therapy

Today marked my 122nd day on Urine Therapy.


It is true that the waste content of our body is expelled in the form of urine and feces. But they do have the property to cure illnesses, cosmetic uses and could be used as manure for your garden. Urine Therapy or Urotherapy is an Alternative Medicine that were used by people of the ancient times in China, Egypt, France, India, Mexico and Rome.
Benefits of Urine Therapy
• Though there are no medically proven health benefits, it is revealed Urine therapy cures adrenal failure, arthritis, candida, cancer, diabetes, eye infection, eczema, hepatitis, herpes, infertility, multiple sclerosis and psoriasis.
• Very effective in treating sore throat and mouth ulcers by gargling or rinsing your mouth with urine.
• A warm urine footbath is helpful in curing fungal infections and a good relief for tired feet. Soak your feet in urine for 30 – 40mins everyday and you would notice the difference.
• A natural hair nourisher for thick hair growth and free from dandruff. Massage urine into your hair and scalp. Leave it for an hour and then rinse it with plain water.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Urine Therapy

Today marked my 121st day on Urine Therapy.


Premarin is a hormone women take for estrogen imbalance which is made of pregnant mare’s urine. Hmmm. I can’t imagine. Why drink a horse’s urine when you can drink your own? I’m just kidding—kind of.
A webmaster-mentor of mine once told me that the page on her site that got the most hits was the Urine Therapy page! Of course maybe it has to do with some disgusting YouTube links showing how animals drink their own urine (I’ll let you explore those on your own if you like), but that got me to thinking about a few of my clients over the years who shared their urine drinking stories with me.
This media review is on urine therapy and I’ll admit I’ve never tried this. There are lots of books on urine therapy.
The title of the book on urine therapy that I read is A Treatise in Urine Therapy by John W. Armstrong. Let me tell you that any book title with the word Treatise in the title is usually tedious reading but this book wasn’t so bad. John (not a doctor) describes how he supervised the healing of 96 different people who chose urine therapy as part of their healing process—some of them ingesting disgusting looking urine as their only healing modality after the medical system had given them up for dead.
John writes: “Drinking your own urine acts to cleanse the body, free it from obstruction and rebuild vital organs damaged from disease.” The kidney is an amazing organ filtering components in the urine. Did you know that your urine varies with the foods you eat, the season of the year and that you only produce ¼ to ½ of your urine volume during sleeping hours? Well, it’s true.
“The prime cause of disease is the absence of substances which should be in the body and the presence of substances which should not be in the body” John writes.
Mr. John Anderson is convinced that drinking provides the body with much needed cell salts. Actually his discussion of cell salts was really pretty good if you have any interest in learning more about that. He’s also convinced that the body’s own urine acts as a homeopathic remedy to detoxify the body and repair the lungs, pancreas, liver, brain, heart, bowels and linings of the body. He believes that drinking your own urine accomplishes what mere fasting with water or juices cannot and explains the entire process in full detail in this 136 page book.
His introduction to drinking his own urine was when he became so ill that several doctors no longer felt it useful to treat him. He had what they called in those days, consumption. Well, when you don’t have the energy to do anything you have a lot of time to think. Being a religious sort of fellow it came to him while reading Proverbs V that “Drink waters of thine own cistern” meant that we should drink our own urine to be in optimal health. So he spent the next 45 days doing just that.
John also rubbed urine onto his own body—maybe he thought he was anointing himself? Who knows, but the treatment worked and he has helped heal many others with urine therapy over the years.
Some diseases he’s treated with urine therapy include: Gangrene, cancers of various kinds, Bright’s disease, leukemia, heart disease, malaria and fevers, orchitis, venereal disease, bed sores and burns, the common cold, hemorrhoids, blindness and cataracts.
He noted that arthritis and diabetes were harder to cure with urine therapy but that urine had no side effects and was the only food needed for sick people. Hmmm. No side effects? Well, I guess that’s a matter of opinion. I don’t know how many friends you’d have after you told them that you drank everything that came out of you and I don’t know too many spouses who would want to kiss a urine permeated partner very often—at least that’s what I’ve been told!
I once was brought in on an animal abuse case where the dog was left in its 4 x 8 food cyclone dog kennel for two weeks without food and water. The dog literally drank its own urine to survive. Very sad. After bathing it three times there was still a urine stench to that dog for several weeks. I’m sure that drinking volumes of your own urine would have that same affect.
Of course if your doctor tells you that you’re going to die and has given up on you this opens up the mind to alternative treatments of all kinds. In my practice I see a lot of people with open minds.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Efficacy of Urine Therapy

Today marked my 120th day on Urine Therapy. I had discovered that a black mole on my face had become smaller. My complexion had greatly improved, smoother and more radiant after 4 months of application of urine.


Efficacy of Urine Therapy
It is like a miraculous medicine effective against all illnesses
Urine therapy is effective against almost all illnesses
There are numerous illnesses reported around the world to be alleviated by urine therapy, from cancer to rheumatism to dementia to cosmetic beutifying, etc. It is fitting to describe urine therapy as a miraculous medicine effective against all illnesses.
According to an American Version of Urine Therapy, the illnesses to be alleviated include
Aging, AIDS, allergy, scrum, induced allergy, ameba dysentery, antibacteria, antivirus, antiprotozoa, animal and snake bites, twist, hypertension, burn, cancer, chemical intoxication, chicken pox, enteritis, constipation, pneumonia due to CMV or bacteria infection, dysentery, edema, eczema, eye irritation, fatigue, fever, flagellate anterozoa, gonorrhea, gout, bloody urine, small pox, immunological disorder, infection, baldness, insomnia, jaundice, hepatitis, arthrodynia. Kaposi's sarcoma, leprosy, lymphatic disorder, ulcer of lymph node, urticaria, morning sickness (vomiting, pregnancy, alcohol intoxication), obesity, papilloma virus, parasitoses, gastric ulcer, myelitis, pregnancy intoxication, rheumatism, tinca, birth mark, bloody dysentery, dermopathy, stroke, congestion, lumbago, typhus, gastritis, depression, cold sore, tuberculosis, pretties, tetanus, asthma, tacky cardia, Parkinson's disease, athletic foot, diabetes and other endocrine related diseases.
Illnesses responsive to CDA-II therapy
Clinical application of CDA-II has shown that CDA-II was effective against cancer, hypertension, constipation, aging, allergy, fatigue, gout, insomnia, arthritis, obesity, gastric ulcer, rheumatism, gastritis, diabetes, etc.
Physicians' comments
Although statistic clearly shows that urine therapy is effective against a wide variety of illnesses. From physicians' point of view, if symptoms show up patients should be examined by physicians, and treated accordingly with drugs. Urine therapy should be used only as supplement. Legitimate application of urine therapy for particular illness should go through a proper channel of investigation, first to study theoretical basis and then to obtain clinical evidence. For example, CDA-II has been studied to establish its theoretical basis as inducers of terminal differentiation of cancer cells, and safety was assured before conducting clinical trials. Similar studies should be followed for other illnesses.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Urine Therapy

Today marked my 119th day on Urine Therapy.


Recorded on June 12, 2010 Well, here we are 73 days after the toe turned black. We certainly have tried a lot of methods. We are confident that the urine therapy saved the foot from getting worse. The man is better, thinner and with a sharper mind. Not many people can do only urine and water for 45 days! Now when the toe swelling goes away, he will be a new person. He had foot ulcers and gangrene on both feet a year ago. We worked on it, but it took a long time because we were not working on diet. It took 18 months to heal. But when walking the feet were not firm on the bottom and would lean to one side. Now that is all normal. There is not even a scar from the wounds after the urine therapy! That is really amazing. The man's skin on his whole body is great. He has no facial wrinkles at 65 years old! They actually disappeared. Remember we were massaging urine on the face, neck and body every day when possible for an hour. It sounds really weird, but it works. So now the toe is shrinking, because now there is a space between the toes. They are no longer touching each other. It still bleeds a little when he stands on it. He is trying to not use the foot much and keeping it raised on pillows during the day. All day now we leave it without wraps to get air. At night wraps of Pau'd Arco tea with magnets pads to protect it and increase circulation. Then plastic wrap to keep it moist. But only wrapping the toes, finishing off with the flexible net sock to keep it all together ...

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Urine Therapy

Today marked my 118th day on Urine Therapy.


Urine therapy refers to one of several uses of urine to prevent or cure sickness, to enhance beauty or to cleanse one's bowels. Most devotees drink the midstream of their morning urine. Some prefer it straight and steaming hot; others mix it with juice or serve it over fruit. Some prefer a couple of urine drops mixed with a tablespoon of water applied sublingually several times a day. Hip New Agers no doubt prefer to take their dose with their evening salad tossed with Piss & Vinegar dressing, available at alternative specialty shops. Some wash themselves in their own golden fluid to improve their skin quality. Many modern Japanese women are said to engage in urine bathing. The truly daring use their own urine as an enema. Urine is not quite the breakfast of champions, but it is the elixir of choice of a number of holy men in India where drinking urine has been practiced for thousands of years. The drink is also the preferred pick-me-up for a growing number of naturopaths and other advocates of "nature cures." The main attractions of this ultimate home brew are its cost, availability and portability. It is much cheaper than that other "water of life," whisky (uisge beatha), which also has been hailed for its medicinal qualities. Unlike whisky, however, urine is always available, everyone carries a supply at all times, and, for most people, there are no intoxicating side effects. Furthermore, the urge to overindulge is almost absent when drinking urine. The same can't be said for good single malt such as Highland Park or a good whiskey such as Black Bush.
Many advocates claim that urine is a panacea. There is practically nothing it won't cure. Urine is said to be effective against the flu, the common cold, broken bones, toothache, dry skin, psoriasis and all other skin problems. It is said to deter aging and is helpful with AIDS, allergies, animal and snake bites, asthma, heart disease, hypertension, burns, cancer, chemical intoxication, chicken pox, enteritis, constipation, and pneumonia. Urine is said to be effective against dysentery, edema, eczema, eye irritation, fatigue, fever, gonorrhea, gout, bloody urine, small pox, immunological disorders, infections, infertility, baldness, insomnia, jaundice, hepatitis, Kaposi's sarcoma, leprosy, lymphatic disorder, urticaria, morning sickness, hangover, obesity, papilloma virus, parasitoses, gastric ulcer, rheumatism, birth marks, stroke, congestion, lumbago, typhus, gastritis, depression, cold sore, tuberculosis, tetanus, Parkinson's disease, foot fungus, diabetes and other endocrine related diseases. Some enthusiasts see urine therapy as a divine manifestation of cosmic intelligence. They use urine to unleash their kundalini, sending it straight into the third eye, bringing instant enlightenment.
With such wondrous properties, it is amazing that science bothered developing medicine when it had the key to good health already in the bottle, so to speak. Each of us is a walking pharmacopoeia. Homer Smith (Man and His Gods) once wrote that "man is a machine for turning wine into urine." Little did he know that man is a machine for turning just about anything into a medicinal tonic.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Urine Therapy

The world's urine researchers and users met again for the 3rd time to discuss urine therapy.

The most recent world conference about Urine therapy and holistic healing was held in April/May 2003 in Belo Horizonte Brazil with the excellent organization of Dr Fatima Pimenta and her team.

Scientists, practitioners and survivors of so-called "incurable" diseases from 40 countries exchanged their knowledge about healing and preventing health problems. As one can imagine the 740 people from all over the world, with all their different backgrounds and cultures, had a lot of information to share. More scientists and representatives from Institutes and universities attended this 3rd World Conference than at the other world conferences in India (1996) and Germany (1999). In more than 50 lectures, delegates reported on urine therapy from all perspectives:
medicinal findings and uses
political and financial implications
religious and spiritual views
However, there was not much new about the basic use of urine as medicine. The "super juice" against all diseases is for people who know about it and willing to end needless suffering.

Every batch of urine is unique to each person, certainly nothing changed there: but due to the world wide research and especially from countries where expensive medications are for most people unaffordable or not available at all, reports about successful and "free of charge" healing were very popular.
The latest news - old knowledge. Urine is the perfect medicine!

Used for thousands of years, urine therapy is being rediscovered and proves repeatedly to be the perfect medicine it has always been. Even modern diseases like AIDS and plagues can be successfully treated with the water from one's own cistern. The good (old) news is spreading by word of mouth (more as a secret) but also by big events like the World Conference of Urine Therapy.

The world's big names in Urine Therapy, like Coen van der Kroon (author of the book "The Golden Fountain), Dr. Schaller (France), Dr Atom Inoue (Columbia), Dr. Sonia Rodridgues (Mexico), Dr. Kang Kook Hee (South Korea and organiser for the next World Conference), Dr John Wynhausen (USA), Dr. Lutz Riedel (Germany), Dr Carmen de la Concepcion (Cuba), Dr Ryosuke (Japan), to mention only a few, gathered to give evidence about their clinical work with patients and to help suffering people understand that urine is not a toxic waste but a wide spectrum healing agent, not matched by any other medication.


Urine is a Miraculous Medicine

It has been scientifically confirmed that urine, ingested or externally applied, fights infections, allergies and skin disorders. Some believe Auto Urine Therapy (AUT) supports the immune system and supports the healing of illnesses that are considered "incurable.

Cancer - AIDS - TB

Cancer, one of the main killers with long periods of suffering, is on the "benefit list" of AUT, with many reported cases and scientific studies. As also is AIDS, the disease of modern times, with no cure. There are too many reports of successful treatment, especially in Africa, to be ignored. Tuberculosis, a disease that was once successfully treated with antibiotics, but now due to overuse of antibiotics has developed resistant strains, is again a killer disease with approximately 3 million people dying each year.

Chronic diseases

If one thinks about the many cases of chronic diseases including allergies, one wonders why people run every few weeks to a doctor, consume masses of medication and then suffer from the negative side effects sooner or later. They believe in the chemical and expensive medications. They also believe that urine is a toxic waste. The World Conference demonstrated again that urine is the best all-round medicine. In our times of "mass-education" one wonders when people will become interested in the most simple, and at the same time, most effective medicine.

Dr. Nakao

It was sad to hear that Dr. Nakao from Japan died a few months ago. Since I met him in India (first World Conference in India - 1996), I have promoted his method, because it made so much sense to me. I also published his paper in my first edition of my book "Urine the Holy Water". In the 7 years since my book "Urine the Holy Water" was published, I only have positive results from Dr. Nakao's method. As we learned at the 3rd World Conference his method is now used worldwide and there is not one reported case of negative side effects.

Dr Ryoichi Nakao M.D. explains his views on the mechanism of auto-urine therapy as follows:

First of all, in order to examine this mechanism, we have to consider that the efficacy of urine therapy does not show it to be a medicine. Urine is an information source about the disease in the body or, in other words, it is a copy of the changes occurring in the body.

Due to the following reasons, I believe that when this information in the urine passes through the throat it is analysed by sensors in the throat, and that the human immune system can then be activated to cure the disease. That is to say, signals are given by the brain which may activate the necessary functions for curing the ailment.

(1). Experiments were conducted and it was found that when the urine was induced into the stomach using a catheter, bypassing the throat for a period of one month, no efficacy was observed.

(2). The fact that cancer occurs in the bladder, urinary tract and kidneys proves that the presence of urine inside the body does not have any direct effect on carcinogenic cells. But when the same urine is taken orally and passes through the throat, a decrease in carcinogenic cell growth or the disappearance of cancer has been observed in cancer patients.

(3). Even if urine is not ingested but only gargled, the effects were found to be the same as when it was ingested.

(4). If gargling with water was done just after ingestion of urine no efficacy was observed.

(5). Interferon, one of many bio-active substances found in urine presents a situation analogous to that of auto-urine therapy in that only minute quantities taken orally are necessary to provide the brain with the information it needs to heal the body. In clinical trials, only 100 IU or 1/100,000 of the million international units of interferon given orally had the same effects as 10 million units administered by injections. (Hayashibara Biochemical Labs., Inc Okayama, Japan and Dr Cummins of Amarillo Cell Culture, Amarillo Texas).

Because of the above findings, it can be assumed that sensor cells which can perceive extremely minute changes in the body, could control them if stimulated by the right information from urine. Such cells are found in the oral cavity and throat said Dr Ryoichi Nakao.

Dr Nakao's theory for the stimulation of cytokine production explains further that urine is the source of information for a given disease. When it is placed in the throat, the sensor cells detect this information, passing it to the brain. In its turn, the brain triggers the cytokine production gland which provides regulation for the immune system. From the brain, interleukin X, together with other enzymes, cause cytokines to be produced and thus effect a recovery from illness. Propolis, a substance extracted from honeycombs has been known since ancient times to have anti-bacterial and anti-tumorial effects. Urine mixed with propolis, enhances its efficacy against cancer, hepatitis and other diseases according to research in Japan. (Dr Ryoichi Nakao).

Immune system regulating factors were originally known as interleukin (IL). Later, interleukins, colony stimulating factors, interferon and other similar substances were generally called cytokines since they are secreted by cells, and affect other cells in one way or the other. (Dr Ryoichi Nakao).

The following is from my book "Urine The Holy Water"

The best method to use urine therapy: Drops under the tongue.

This is the application many started with after reading my book, Water Medicine. It is a very easy way in regard to finding the right dosage, using the urine absolutely fresh several times a day and having the best results.

Urine drops are applied under the tongue and instead of drinking a larger quantity; one uses only 1 to 20 drops placed with an eyedropper under the tongue.

We really don't know exactly why this application works with such a small dosage. It is used in a similar way to homoeopathic medicine and kept as long as possible in the mouth.

An explanation as to why the urine drop application works so well was presented by Dr Ryoichi Nakao M.D., Chairman of the M.C.L Institute of Japan in his speech to the first World Conference on Urine Therapy: 'Although auto-urine therapy has been known and practised for more than 4,000 years it is still believed that among the components in urine there is a miracle cure for all ailments. However, the efficacies of urine therapy do not indicate it to be an actual medicine. Instead, in terms of immunology, urine is an information source about the disease in the body, and when this information passes through the throat, it is analysed and the immune system is activated to produce the right biological response modifiers in the body to cure the disease.'

And there are other interesting reports about small dosages of substances kept under the tongue for protection. Workers in Japanese paint plants are traditionally successful in preventing long-term health damage from the chemicals they work with by keeping a bit of the paint (dried flakes of paint) under their tongue.

Urine drops are taken from the mid-stream morning urine with an eyedropper under the tongue.

First day ~ 1-5 drops; second day ~ 5-10 drops and on the third day 5-10 drops but twice a day - first thing in the morning and just before bedtime.

This dosage can be maintained until the particular complaint is solved. The dosage may also be increased as needed. Researchers in Scotland have made a further discovery about the correct dosage of urine drops for each individual. Fresh urine is collected between meals and slowly placed under the tongue with an eyedropper. The sensation of taste and temperature noticed with the first few drops suddenly cannot be detected by the patient any more after a certain number of drops that is individual to the patient. The researchers call this phenomenon of diminishing taste, the neutralising dose. With this immune reaction everyone can find out his or her own individual doses at any time.

In my book, Water Medicine, the urine drop method is mentioned and most of the feedback has been about positive treatment of illnesses using this method such as 'I took five drops under my tongue each day, morning and night, for the first two days, no change, but then on the third day I had no asthma - not a bit'. Urine should be taken joyfully and with a pleasant mind and with faith, at least in the therapy, which improves the healing chances dramatically. Your mind is much more powerful than you think.

Scientific research

Scientists from all corners of the world presented their findings on urine applications, not only "your own best medicine", but also the use of urine from animals against plant, animal and human diseases. For example lecturer Prof. Mohamed O'Hay from Sudan spoke about the uses of camels, goats and human urine for some types of bacteria and viruses in plants. Interesting was to me that there is a big difference in the results - not only comparing the different urine sources but also between male and female urine of the same species.

I spoke about Ionised urine

There are two opinions about urine therapy, as all promoters, practitioners and researchers in this field know. There are the ones who say urine is "Your Own Perfect Medicine" and the others who say, "Urine is toxic waste". The second group is the bigger group; the first group is the better educated one. As an author of a book about Urine Therapy, I belong to the first group.

Urine contains minerals, amino acids, enzymes, hormones and antidotes specific and essential to us at that moment. However, not all ingredients are beneficial in a recycling process as in Urine therapy. I have some reservation in regard to the recycling of the acid forming minerals in urine like phosphorus, sulphur and chlorine. Most allopathic drugs are also acid forming minerals.

Ionisation of urine can be of benefit as this process separates the acid forming minerals and the alkaline forming minerals. The recycling of the alkaline forming beneficial ingredients of urine for internal use, and the acid forming minerals for external use not only makes a lot of sense, but also gives better results.

A very small ioniser for only a few ml of liquid
• This ioniser is powered by a solar panel
• The electrodes are Iridium coated Titanium, under low voltage
• Ionisers can be made for any purpose and size
• The most common is the Water Ioniser, to produce ionised alkaline water
For further reading in regard to pH, the book "Youthing" is recommended.

"Dead" people don't lie

There is a saying that dead people do not lie. It was overwhelming to see so many people that had been "given up" by the medical profession come from all corners of the globe to tell their personal story and this at their own expense. They were very much alive and this well after the maximum lifetime given to them by specialists! One can claim that urine is a miracle medicine, since there must be a miracle involved, when there was "scientific proof" for a very short life expectancy and the person lives for many more years.

They "made it" with the help of the body's own super juice - urine. They not only survived, they have taken their health in their own hands. They enjoy now every day of their life, conscious that every day is a special gift. And with it, they are happier than others who did not go through the same difficulties and who take every day for granted.Many put such case studies down as wrong diagnoses, as it was in one case I know. However, the specialist had no other answer, when he was given the confirming diagnosis of another specialist!

But have others, who did not make it, used the same treatments as the survivors. Did they believe in the scientific judgment of a lifespan of several month or years or did they trust that there are other factors in healing not acknowledged by modern medicine and scientific proof?

The Doctor's own case of cancer healing

One of these testimonials was given at the beginning of the conference from the very popular Dr Sonia Rodrigues from Mexico. After she talked about holistic healing and the social outreach of urine therapy she shared her own detailed successful fight against cancer with the full conference. She finished her talk with a comment that other people with cancer lost their hair but she got her hair back and she lifted her beautiful long, full hair with her hand. Certainly, she got a very big applause.

Going to die

A woman in the thirties had a special problem. She fought her cancer for many years. After she was introduced to urine therapy and used the "perfect medicine" in addition to the other (natural) treatments, her suffering ended and she "got rid" of her cancer - she won the battle BUT another battle started. She did not know what to do with her life, which was given up already and she had to start from scratch to find an occupation or work to financially support herself. The time when government health funds paid for hospital "holidays" was over. She had her life back but had to get used to it. What a strange feeling!

Full blown AIDS healed!

I was given the following letter.

NOTE: The views expressed in this letter are those of the writer only and while we do not automatically endorse these opinions, we present the letter for the completeness of the topic's analysis in this article.

"I'm a 50-year-old woman who was diagnosed with H.I.V. 10 years ago. About 6 months after that, I started taking medication. I had my good days and my bad days. I felt really good about 4 years ago when I started taking crixivan. I took that for about 2 years, then it stopped working. Two years ago I was a mess. I had full-blown Aids and lots of people thought my time was up. I felt and looked really bad. I have a good friend who is going to school to become a doctor. He told me about urine therapy. When he first told me, I didn't listen. Then he talked to me about it again about 5 months ago. He had some books with him and I read parts of them. Well, since that time, I've been drinking 1/3-cup everyday.

Last week my doctor told me that my Aids is undetectable. I truly believe it's from the urine. I've been taking medicine almost 10 years. Nothing like this has ever even been close to happening. My friend's been telling people about urine therapy for a long time. He's been doing it himself a long time. He never has a cold and never has ever been sick a day in his life. It kills cancer cells. I had breast cancer a few years ago and underwent a mastectomy. If I knew about urine therapy sooner, I'd bet I never would have had that surgery. Now I'm not worried that the cancer will come back. Doctors don't want people to know about this because they would be out of business. It's good for everything. I used to get cold sores in my mouth every other week or so. Since I've been practicing the urine therapy, I haven't gotten any sores. I truly believe that this is the greatest discovery around. It's a miracle drug.

I know it sounds gross (drinking urine), but if you want to live, recommend it strongly. No one listened to me at first, they thought I was crazy. But now all my friends are doing it. It's really a small price to pay if you want to live. I used to take antidepressants. I don't need them now; the urine fixed the part of my brain that was making me depressed. If you have asthma, it cures that too! It cures just about everything. I'm so glad I found out.


Translation of part of Dr Lutz Riedel's lecture:

Treatment of allergic illnesses in general medicine

Warm-hearted thanks to the initiators of this conference and to all the helpers and organizers involved. It gives me much pleasure to be here in your fascinating country and give a lecture about biological medicine.

My thesis about mites came about because of the increasing number of people who become sick with allergies.

With their struggles against allergic bronchial asthma, chronic allergic rhinitis, allergic conjuctivitis and dematitis, I hoped to decode the causes and give help to these sufferers.

Thanks to modern drugs, a treatment is possible in acute cases. But who of us wish to take Cortisonne and other chemical remedies, with all their undesirable side effects, for many years?

Swelling of the eye and nasal mucous membranes, as well as difficulties in breathing cause seasonal or permanent troubles.

In my studies of house dust mite, I became aware of the great importance of these tiny creatures in their interaction with all plants, animals and people. They are as necessary as bacteria, fungi, earthworms and every other species.

Regardless of what the allergenic substance (whether flower pollen, house dust or other), a person already under stress will be more likely to react to the allergenic substance.

Every day we are in touch with various substances in injections, food, cosmetics and medicines. Atopics (people whose blood and mucous membranes are sensitive) react to the variety of allergens with over-reactions. Up to 20% of the inhabitants in my country are affected.

The illnesses specified above can break out gradually or acutely and abruptly. In some cases, just minute amounts of flower pollen, mite dust or animal dander are the last drop that makes our "immune pot" overflow.

We can't think mites and pollen away or eliminate them chemically, because they belong to our life on earth like the bacteria at and in our body.

The auto-urine therapy is a biological kind of therapy which is free and applicable everywhere, and has a lasting effect -without any side effects.

The holistic therapy - balanced diet and auto-urine therapy - could be of great benefit to both children and adults who have suffered for years.

Children prefer drinking every morning the small quantity of urine as a therapeutic dose or they receive fresh auto-urine as an injection like adults once a week - first 1ml, and a further 0.5ml given subcutaneous. I inject twice a week during the pollen season.

Concerning seasonal flower or grass allergies, the patients are ordered to start the urine therapy two or three weeks before they have the first contact with the allergens. In the following years often only a few injections are necessary for the improvement of the troubles.

Auto-urine therapy in combination with the necessary change of diet can eliminate the problem in children and adults completely. Thank you for your attention!

The treatment of menopausal troubles with AUT

The ability to reproduce is given to all living beings for preservation of their species for a certain period after becoming physical mature. From the age of 12 girls in general are capable of childbearing. Over the next 30 years about 400 fertilizable ova can develop in both ovaries. Every woman's hormone level is co-ordinated highly sensitively. Egg production slows from the age of about 45. That means the supply of oestrogens and progesterone is less. If the oestrogen level sinks below a minimal level, the last period will begin.

The inter-relation of all hormone-producing glands has to change according to this new hormonal situation. The menopause begins and the following problems may also.

About 70% of all women suffer from:
• hot flushes
• sweats
• exhaustion
• depression
• dry mucous membranes
• nervousness
• and increasing irritability during this stage of life
There are a lot of possible treatments.

If hormone treatments are rejected or common remedies are ineffective, the affected women will look for an alternative.

This is the auto-urine therapy because it has all the current hormones which the person needs at that particular time.

The recycling of the hormone-containing urine into the body causes a reaction of the organism to the current situation.

Use of urine therapy as hormone recycling:

1. drink half a glass of morning urine every morning. If necessary this can be mixed with tea or fruit juice.
2. or subcutaneous injection of 1ml auto-urine once a week, for four to six weeks.

The troubles decrease by repeated injections. After a short time of treatment the woman will be without any trouble for several months or even longer. If the sweats occur again, two or three more treatments will be enough in most cases.

Most of the women prefer the injection therapy.

Why can't any gynaecologist use this treatment?" is the question which is often asked. Most of the doctors don't use side-effect-free, highly effective therapy because of ignorance, disgust and the trained belief in pharmaceutical preparations.

Auto-Urine-Therapy of skin and bone wounds

Children and adults with various skin injuries, e.g., sunburn, grazes, stab wounds, incised wounds, injuries caused by machines and foreign bodies, bone injuries and joint injuries come to the family doctor.

I have given disinfecting and antibiotic remedies for many years. Expensive medicines have been necessary for long-term treatments in hospitals or in home care.

I see excellent wound healing by using auto-urine treatment which is always available. Wound healing with urine therapy is highly successful - from children's and teenager's grazes to complicated ankle joint fractures. I start biological therapy with Hirudo medicinalis (leeches used for medicinal purposes) in case of substantial swelling and pain after finger and hand injuries. The swelling caused by the injury subsides quickly and pain is reduced.

Some examples:

Amputation avoided with urine Therapy

A farmer's wife squashed the middle joint of her index finger in a bone mill. The skin was lacerated, the joint was open. During the emergency surgery, an amputation was planned for later. Next day she had severe pain and swelling of the whole hand. The swelling went down quickly and the pain was reduced by using medicinal leeches.

The ointment application was replaced with urine. The urine soaked dressing was changed daily, so the change of dressing was nearly painless because the dressing didn't become clotted or didn't adhere to the wound. The joint capsule was healing gradually and later the skin wound. The anti-inflammatory effect of the urine was amazing. The index finger could be kept.

Infected wounds and bones healed quickly with Urine

The injuries of the thumbs and index fingers of two craftsmen caused by a circular saw and plane machines were healing without any problems. Daily finger baths with urine cleaned the infected, partly necrotic wounds with bone healing fast and accurate.

I saw an impressive bone healing with an 80 years old diabetic. The left leg was amputated three times within a short time. The bone broke through the skin above the knee stump. The bone and soft parts were infected and covered with pus. Antibiotics and ointments didn't bring any healing. The patient suffered from continuous pain and needed his fourth operation. The patient's daughter asked me for an alternative treatment with fly larvae.

These "microsurgeons" cleaned the festering wound within three days. Later we treated the wound daily with urine-soaked pads.

New bone skin developed constantly in the wound and slowly covered the end of the bone and the wound closed. Because of the old man's incontinence, the daughter used her self urine. In addition I mention that at the end of the bed there was a big birdcage. The standard of hygiene did not compare at all with hospital hygiene.

I highly recommended the use of urine therapy to all those in the nursing and medical profession and to all suffering people everywhere.

Plant Urine

New to most delegates at the World Conference was the lecture by Juta Stepanovs about using "Plant Urine" to balance emotional problems.

Plant Urine is the water that the plant, by its root system, filters and lifts from great depths. No external water sources or artificially processed water is used. This ensures the water contains no unfavourable memories of artificial processing. This method to produce the new generation of flower essences is called the Stepanovs method, after Juta Stepanovs, who created this new generation of Flower Remedies.

Because the plant remains wholly intact as the remedy is made, it carries the energy of wholeness, creates healing for the whole person-in mind, body and spirit.

Traditionally flower essences were made with parts from cut flowers or other parts of plant soaked in water and solarised.

However, the newly discovered Stepanovs Method extracts the essence from the live plant itself. The plant is then left unharmed to continue its growth in nature, fully intact. This has a beneficial impact on the plant, the environment, and improves the strength and healing quality of flower essence.

For further reading, the book "Love Remedies - The Stepanovs Method" is recommended.

The next World Conference on Urine Therapy will be held in Mexico in 2009.

Possible Cures against poisonous snake bites

I reported in HFA#6 about my experience with a poisonous snake that bit me on my leg. There were some explanations from Dr John Wynhaus (USA) in regard to the mechanism of the antidotes in HFA#8. I talked to him again at the conference and he told me about an additional method of treating poisonous snakebites with a "personal electric shock defender". They are available in Australia (but are illegal - prohibited weapon - without a license), only legal for the handling of animals.

He said that the poison is broken down by the high voltage of the electric currents and is in this way harmless to the person. It made sense to me since I know how the zapper works, as mentioned in HFA#6 in the article "Electrocuting Pathogens".

Two wonderful women, Catholic nuns working in the Amazon jungle, told me that the native Indians used to burn the area where a poisonous snake bit. This is very painful but saves the life of the person.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Urine Therapy

Today marked my 113th day on Urine Therapy.


It is generally not recommended to combine urine therapy with the use of (prescribed) chemical, allopathic medicines or recreational drugs. The combination may be dangerous to your health. If you are taking any form of allopathic medicine, begin with the external application (urine massage) until you are free of all medication, if possible.
If it is not possible or safe to stop the use of certain medicines, start with taking a few drops of urine internally or use a homeopathic tincture or gently rub fresh urine into the acupressure points of your ears. Keep looking and feeling very carefully how you and your body are reacting on the treatment. When suffering from a serious illness or, generally, when in doubt, consult a good natural doctor.
Advise and precautions:
During any form of internal use of urine, the following should be observed:
• Amaroli should not be started if medical or any other form of treatment is being used. Two days should intervene between the stopping of medication and the commencement of amaroli.
• People with liver, kidney or heart disease, in whom protein intake and water balance is a problem (for example if there is swelling of the tissues of the legs, abdomen, hands, etc., with water), should consult an experienced therapist or doctor before starting amaroli.
• Pus filled urine should not be used in amaroli. Only those people with great faith and experience would attempt to treat infections of the kidney, bladder or urethra with amaroli.
• Diet for the most intense forms of the internal technique (that is three or more glasses per day), should be low in protein and salt. Refined, processed and synthetic foods should be avoided, for example, white sugar, refined flour, tinned food, and so on. Spicy food may make the urine pungent and difficult to drink. Some proponents recommend that milk consumption be stopped too.
• Intake of alcohol and tobacco should be reduced to the barest minimum, or preferably avoided totally if possible.
• A healing crisis is said to be a sign that the body is purifying itself very rapidly. These crises may take the form of loose stools, skin eruptions such as pimples and boils, vomiting, fever of unexplained origin, cough, general weakness and debility. The advocates say that there is no need to panic and take drugs for any of the above mentioned processes. They usually occur because the body systems are now strong enough for the elimination processes to handle the deeply ingrained toxins and poisons. These other methods (e.g. healing crises) are then employed by the body to dispose of the excess, and as a result, strange and perhaps as yet un-experienced manifestation may occur. If this happens the best way to handle the situation is to reduce the intake of urine or to stop completely and rest the body. Complete rest and fasting may also help, or a fruit diet can be instigated, depending on the manifestations that occur. Please do not run to your doctor and start taking medications to suppress the healing crisis's. Let them unfold naturally and according to their own sequences.
The following are the most common manifestations of the healing crises and their recommended treatment:
• Loose stools: fasting and complete rest for one day is probably the best measure. Plenty of boiled or distilled water and lemon juice is suggested. The toxins of the body that have been loosened by amaroli then have a chance to be eliminated. The second day one should eat some boiled rice and curd, or some boiled rice with mung beans. By the third day all manifestations should have subsided and amaroli can again commence.
• Skin eruptions such as pimples and boils can be treated in the following ways. In the early stages rub the lesion with urine and leave the urine on for one or two hours before washing if off (in cold water without soap) to stop the process. If they continue to cause trouble or if boils develop, urine packs can be applied. Fomentation with warm water, cotton wool and Dettol or salt should be applied at night before sleep. Boils should never be lanced, squeezed, pressed or touched by the hand. These manifestation usually disappear after three to seven days. A light diet of fruit only will help the process. Please remember that boils and pimples are the bodies natural way or expelling overloads of toxins. They usually excrete from the skin if the other filtering and eliminative channels (lungs, colon, liver) are not functioning optimally. Once the toxins have been excreted the boils should disappear for good.
• Vomiting may occur when the urine is especially bad tasting and smelling as in fevers, jaundice and other illnesses. The urine of such dis-"eases" may seem totally unpalatable, yet if the patient has steeled his mind to drink it, then copious supplies of water will help to dilute the urine and make it easier to drink. If you can hold down the first flow, then the second should be more dilute and better tasting, and so on, until clear pleasant tasting urine finally comes.
• Vomiting is good in that it cleans the stomach just as kunjal kriya does, Therefore, it should not cause any undue worry. After vomiting, the nausea is usually relieved and you feel better. If vomiting persists and dry retching occurs, you should seek professional help. After vomiting urine, you should rest and take some light fluids such as lemon water or some other fluid replacement. When fully rested, try amaroli again.
• Mild fever of unexplained origin can occur as a reaction of the body, designed to burn up the toxins. It is one of the most thorough of the eliminative series and requires nothing more than complete rest and constant fluid intake. After the fever, fruit and a light diet should precede the commencement of amaroli. NOTE: regular checking of the body temperature should ensure that it does not go too high. In such a case the head should be cooled down with cold water application and the feet massaged with ghee. If the temperature still stays up after one hour, aspirin may be taken only as a last resort
• Cough and cold may appear and indicate elimination of mucus from the lungs and respiratory passages. again reduce or stop the intake of urine and start the practice of kunjal and neti kriyas once or twice a day. Neti using half water and half urine is good to relieve all discomfort and to help wash out mucus form the nasal passages and sinuses. The diet should exclude milk and milk product and all mucus producing foods such as fats and excessive starch until the cold is finished.
• General debility may be felt as a result of the excess toxins, and in such a case plenty of sleep, rest and good food will help.
Fasting may be too difficult for some people, especially if they have been suffering from a chronic illness for considerable time, for example, low blood pressure, heart disease, and so on. These people should proceed very slowly and gradually. They may prefer to start with one meal a day fasts or fruit fasts before trying the more complete water and urine only fasts. This rule should be applied to all people, for the slow approach usually ends up with better and faster results than one in which we jump into the most advanced practices and, finding that we can not swim, have to stop in order to resolve the problems we have inflicted upon ourselves.
In some diseases the urine becomes dense, pungent and seemingly unpalatable. It is advised that you attempt to utilize this urine even though it may be difficult to do so. Dense and scanty urine may contain mineral salts and other body components of value. Wash it down with plenty of water.
Pregnant woman can use amaroli with the following restrictions. The first flow of the day (on arising form sleep) should be completely discarded. Then water, tea, milk, or any beverage can be consumed and the second or third flow can be used. However, the urine should have a light colour and should not be too pungent or concentrated.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Urine Therapy - Curing a variety of illnesses

Today marked my 107th day on Urine Therapy.


Some Bloke (UK)

According to the writer, drinking your own urine is a vitally effective method of curing a variety of illnesses. What?!

First written in the 1930s, the writer recounts his experience of travelling around the area to treat people, with a growing reputation. I wonder what his skill was, as the treatment is simple (drink it). He explains the theory (which has overlaps with homeopathy) and his own practice. The many case studies bear many similarities and become a little samey. I also found they were uniformly successful, which tested by belief a little.

Having said that, I found this absolutely fascinating and am pleased to see the book reprinted, as it was previously difficult to obtain. Certainly this overturning of many previously believed concepts deserves attention. A growing uropathy movement is establishing itself, and it seems some cultures have practiced it for years.

This book will certainly make you think!

Mrs. M. M. Ledlie (Buckinghamshire,England)
This review is from: The Water Of Life: A Treatise on Urine Therapy (Paperback)
This is just a little book, but packed with unbelievable knowledge and wisdom about an ancient therapy, which has been practised all over the world for thousands of years, including in hospitals in London,England (see Martha Christy's book: Your Own Perfect Medicine) - but sadly side-lined in our present time.
John Armstrong cites many case histories and advises how to use urine therapy - externally and internally.
On first reading I could not believe what I was reading - but family and friends having tried it and seen the effects....we find it an amazing font of knowledge - glad to have come across it.
Monica Ledlie, Buckinghamshire, England

Bill This review is from: The Water Of Life: A Treatise on Urine Therapy (Paperback)
Some ten years ago I was diagnosed with COPD, a term applied to chronic respiratory conditions ranging from bronchial asthma to emphesemia.
Despite all my best efforts and applying various techniques from acupressure to chi kung all I seemed to achieve was some delay in the worsening of my symptomns.
Then one day I read about urine therapy, and - sinse one of my relatives is an enthusiastic advocate of this practice I thought, why not.
My inhalors were doing little good and were becoming increasingly inefectual so I had little to lose.
Three weeks into this treatment and my use of medication has fallen dramaticly, for the first time in years I have enjoyed several nights of uninterrupted sleep and I know that a complete cure is only a matter of time.
Would I recommend this somewhat unorthodox approach to anyone seeking relief from some troublesome medical condition? Too right I would.
The EU can abolish all the herbal medicines it wants in its scandelous pandering to lobbying from the pharmeceutical companies but here is one source of medicine that they cannot impose any controls upon.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Urine Therapy - Healing Properties

Today marked my 106th day on Urine Therapy.

Although a majority of people look upon urine as something dirty, there are some who believe that it has healing properties. Their claims are substantiated by a number of patients recovering from various types of illnesses, deemed incurable by medical men. They say that since urine is nothing but an ultrafiltrate of blood, it is bound to have many beneficial substances in it. This holistic healing system is based on the theory that many animals instinctively drink their own urine when they are diseased.
According to the Shivambu Kalp, an ancient treatise that some people suppose to be a part of Ayurveda, urine is capable of destroying both internal as well as external poisons. It acts a tonic to invigorate the body, remove fatigue, and slow down the aging process. In the past, when transportation facilities weren’t very advanced, desert travelers and sailors used to survive on their own urine during times of food and water scarcity till they managed to replenish their stocks again.
The main ingredients of urine are urea, creatinine, uric acid, ammonia, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chorides, and inorganic sulphates and phosphates. Bile salts and natural steroids are also known to pass out in the urine. Many of the researchers argue that the beneficial effects of urine may be due to the presence of these steroids. Others believe that it is the urea in the urine that is responsible for killing germs as it is toxic to them. Similarly, it is toxic to even cancer cells and therefore cancers of especially the gastrointestinal tract seem to respond very well to urine therapy.
A number of human ailments have been claimed to have cured by drinking the urine of even animals like cows, camels, and goats. Urine therapy also advocates the instillation of drops of urine into the eyes to clean the eyes and prevent many eye problems. Massaging the skin with urine that is allowed to stay for a week or so in tightly-corked, amber-colored bottles is recommended to prevent and treat many skin diseases. This is also known to improve the complexion of the skin, keeping it youthful and free of blemishes.
Practitioners of urine therapy need to become purely vegetarian. They are required to drink a lot of water and preferably fast for a day only on water before starting the treatment so as to flush the body of its impurities and toxins. All types of fruits and vegetables are permitted along with restricted amounts of cereals and pulses. Non-vegetarian foods, spices, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and foods that are capable of altering the smell and taste of urine must be avoided.
Urine can be drunk during all parts of the day, although some individuals prefer to drink only the urine that they pass out early in the morning. In any case, the first and the last portion of the urine must be discarded when collecting it in a clean glass. All said and done, urine therapy may be at least worth trying in cases that have been given up totally by doctors.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Urine Therapy - Therapeutic Benefit

Today marked my 105th day on Urine Therapy.

Urine therapy has become a widely popular form of natural and alternative medicine practice among American families. For many, urine therapy is believed to provide the same therapeutic benefit and healing as that found in many traditional medical treatments.
If you are living with complications associated with herpes, you may want to speak with an alternative medicine specialist about the use of urine therapy for herpes symptoms.
While urine therapy for herpes is not believed to be a cure, there are many alternative medicine specialists who believe that urine therapy may be able to provide a solution to alleviating the symptoms of herpes when a flare up occurs.
Much like urine therapy for diabetes, these claims are highly debatable but many herpes patients are considering this as an option for healthcare.
When considering urine therapy for herpes symptoms, you will want to meet with a natural medicine specialist who can give you the proper instructions on how to create your unique urine therapy solution. In many cases, this will include sampling your own urine from the first morning flow, and diluting this with distilled water and herbal remedies. While there are animal urine products, and urine capsule products on the market, many natural healing specialists will recommend using your own urine.
By utilizing the small quantity of your own urine, diluted with water, your body will begin to create natural antibodies to the infections you experience. This, of course, is the underlying theory of those who recommend urine therapy for diabetes, urine therapy for herpes, and urine therapy for other conditions such as insomnia. It is important, however, that you allow a natural medicine specialist to first determine if you are a candidate for this type of natural treatment.
As with any form of natural healing, it is important to also obtain clearance from your traditional medicine specialist before attempting urine therapy as a form of treatment. Because there are some traditional medications that can be less effective when presented with specific alternative medicine regimens, your physician needs to be aware, and approve, the use of this form of treatment.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Urine Therapy - Ancient Natural Cure

Today marked my 104th day on Urine Therapy.

I have recently heard of this ancient natural cure for almost every disease and it sounds rather odd. It’s called Uropathy which involves drinking your own urine for health benefits.
Just when I think I’ve heard it all I hear this. There several books about this healing process one is done by author Martha Christy titled “Your Own Perfect Medicine”. This therapy has been around for over 5,000 years. They use urine for healing cancer, heart disease, allergies, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, asthma, infertility, infections, wounds and on and on. Urine is a by-product of blood filtration, not waste filtration. Medically it is referred to as “plasma ultrafiltrate”. Nutrient-filled blood passes through the liver where toxins are removed to be excreted as solid waste. Eventually, this purified “clean” blood undergoes a filtering process in the kidneys, where excess water, salts, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antibodies, urea, uric acid and other elements not usable at that time by the body are collected in the form of a purified, sterile, watery solution that is urine.
What can drinking your own urine actually do you might ask? When urine is taken back in the chemicals and nutrients in it act as natural vaccines, antibacterial, antiviral and anti carcinogenic agents as well as hormone balances and allergy relievers. Multiple sclerosis, colitis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, hepatitis, hyperactivity, pancreatic insufficiency, psoriasis, eczema, diabetes, herpes, mononucleosis, adrenal failure, allergies and so many other ailments have been relieved through use of this therapy.
But with such a taboo process it’s clear why many people don’t discuss nor use this alternative therapy for results. I guess it all depends on this one question. What would you do to cure your current illness or ailment?
So, how exactly do you drink your own urine? Well, the middle stream of fresh, warm, morning urine is the most potent, and drinking it mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice is probably the fastest way to accomplish this task, although it is best not to mix urine with other foods or drinks or to take it within an hour before or after eating.
Oral drops of fresh urine can be placed directly under the tongue. Urine therapists suggest their patients start with 5 drops of fresh morning urine on the first day, increase to 5 or 10 drops on the second day, and take 10 drops on the morning of the third day and the same amount that evening before going to bed.Self-urine may be used as eye drops and ear drops, in foot baths and even as effective enemas. Nose drops can help loosen mucus and clear up blocked nasal passages. Gargling with it is helpful for a sore throat, and inhaling it relieves sinus and respiratory congestion. Taken internally, it has a laxative and diuretic effect, as it cleanses the digestive tract. They also suggest it as an excellent cosmetic for moisturizing and healing skin blemishes, burns and scar tissue. However, for this usage, it is preferable to use urine that is 4 – 8 days old. The smell of ammonia in the old urine is not toxic but actually beneficial if used topically only, and not taken internally.
Who knew that drinking your urine could actually be good for you. There are so many unknown elements when it comes to our bodies and health.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Urine Therapy

Today marked my 103th day on Urine Therapy.

Scientific investigation being carried out in countries, like the U.S.A., Japan etc. have been carried by some papers and other printed literature, which may be perused in the reports reproduced here.

PRESS REPORT: San Francisco (U.S.A); October 24, 1967 (A.P.):

"An extract from human urine shows great promise for treatment of certain deadly diseases caused by the formation of blood clots—the Research Physicians said at the Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association. The extract is called "UROKINASE". It activates substances in the blood stream that dissolve the clots ... Experience has been obtained with about 200 patients with v Pulmonary Embolis, the most common of serious lung diseases, Dr. Sherry pointed out".


"Normal human urine has been found to contain a powerful Artery-dilating agent, resembling Nitro-glycerin in its ability to increase the coronary blood-flow to the cardiac muscle, used for the relief of Angina Pectoris".

REPORT of the Federation of American Society for Experimental Biology, Atlantic City, U.S.A., April 1966:

"BRINGING CANCER CELLS INTO LINE"; the Report presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Society gives the account of research, showing the effect of human urine on cancer cells . . . The two researchers found unexpectedly last year that the urine extract, which they have called "DIRECTIN", when added to the culture medium, causes all the cancer cells, on which it has so far been tested, to align themselves end-to-end into straight rows . . ."

Dr. Rabagliati, Bradford, who had performed 500 major surgical operations for Cancer, the patients rarely surviving, writes about Auto-urine treatment in some cases, in these lines:

"I have examined a number of women, who, according to orthodox treatment would have been operated and got one or both of their breasts removed. These brave and fortunate mortals declined my advice and went under urine-therapy treatment. When they again came and consulted me, (surprisingly) I did not find even a scar to suggest of their 'incurable malignant growth' they had previously. Some of them found lumps having disappeared within a fortnight and others even in four days. Thus I think Mr. Armstrong is probably correct in his suggestion that most of these lumps are not malignant, until after surgical and drug interference—and that in the incipient stage, the so-called king of terrible diseases, can be easily cured, if tackled promptly by the Auto-urine treatment."

Dr. P.D. Desai, M.B.B.S., formerly a Fellow of the Grant Medical College Mumbai and President of the Indian Medical Association, Bulsar Branch, states:

"The fact that Auto-urine provides universal remedy for curing the patient's illness of every kind including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, T.B., Leprosy, etc., is amply proved during the past 60 years by innumerable clinical tests conducted in U.S.S.R., Italy, Germany, India, etc . . . As found in the scientific researches conducted in U.S.A., Japan, etc., human urine contains various hormones, enzymes, vitamins, antibodies antigens, salts, etc. It is, therefore, no wonder if the treatment with Auto-urine which contains such valuable substances, makes the sick body healthy by stimulating its vital force—the defensive mechanism, and makes it IMMUNE to the most deadly bacteria, viruses, toxins etc., curing the illness of all kinds".

Dr. Jivraj N. Mehta, M.D. (London), the former Chief Minister of Gujrat, writes in his foreword to the "MANAV MOOTRA":

"The belief that urine is not an excreta, but is an 'ELIXIR OF LIFE', gifted by nature, for the purpose of healthy living, and for use as the main therapeutic measure, for almost the whole range of human diseases, including cancer, T.B., leprosy, etc. is intriguingly interesting and fascinating. If it could be substantiated by human experiments undertaken and planned on scientific basis, it would be a great boon to human-beings, more so in the modern age of space travel".

(Courtesy: "SHIVAMBU CURE", by Dr. Pragji D. Desai, M.B.B.S.)