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Urine Therapy


Monday, 24 October 2011

Urine Therapy & Medication

Today marked my 126th day on Urine Therapy.


Urine Therapy and Medication (allopathic drugs)
There are differences of opinions:

"It is generally not recommended to combine urine therapy with the use of (prescribed) chemical, allopathic medicines or recreational drugs. The combination may be dangerous to your health. If you are taking any form of allopathic medicine, begin with the external application (urine massage) until you are free of all medication, if possible. If it is not possible or safe to stop the use of certain medicines, start with taking a few drops of urine internally or use a homeopathic tincture or gently rub fresh urine into the acupressure points of your ears. Keep looking and feeling very carefully how you and your body are reacting on the treatment. When suffering from a serious illness or, generally, when in doubt, consult a good natural doctor." The simple use of one's own urine

This from Martin Lara author of "Uropathy"p.155 "Although I don't recommend mixing medicines with urine therapy, there have been cases of individuals who were very ill at home or in a hospital--some dying of AIDS, cancer and other diseases -- who were receiving chemotherapy when they decided to s tart using their urine. These people had nothing to lose and they took a chance by drinking their urine while they were taking medications. In these cases, something truly amazing happened: urine seemed to be such a powerful stimulant to the immune system that medications were completely neutralized and expelled from the body in a matter of days. These individuals reported miraculous improvement over a few days. The headaches, pains in the body, diarrhoea, vomiting, lack of appetite and physical decay afflicting them usually improved in a few days. And simultaneously, these people developed a tremendous appetite. These people stated that they felt an immediate improvement when they started using their urine. In many cases they recovered so quickly that their doctors were completely baffled. In a few days they went home where they could resume their sleeping habits and take control of their health and their lives. After going home, several individuals gained as much as 25 pounds within a month of practicing uropathy, eating better food and taking good care of themselves. I really don't know how each person will react and I ask that you be very careful before making

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