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Urine Therapy


Monday, 17 October 2011

Urine Therapy

Today marked my 119th day on Urine Therapy.


Recorded on June 12, 2010 Well, here we are 73 days after the toe turned black. We certainly have tried a lot of methods. We are confident that the urine therapy saved the foot from getting worse. The man is better, thinner and with a sharper mind. Not many people can do only urine and water for 45 days! Now when the toe swelling goes away, he will be a new person. He had foot ulcers and gangrene on both feet a year ago. We worked on it, but it took a long time because we were not working on diet. It took 18 months to heal. But when walking the feet were not firm on the bottom and would lean to one side. Now that is all normal. There is not even a scar from the wounds after the urine therapy! That is really amazing. The man's skin on his whole body is great. He has no facial wrinkles at 65 years old! They actually disappeared. Remember we were massaging urine on the face, neck and body every day when possible for an hour. It sounds really weird, but it works. So now the toe is shrinking, because now there is a space between the toes. They are no longer touching each other. It still bleeds a little when he stands on it. He is trying to not use the foot much and keeping it raised on pillows during the day. All day now we leave it without wraps to get air. At night wraps of Pau'd Arco tea with magnets pads to protect it and increase circulation. Then plastic wrap to keep it moist. But only wrapping the toes, finishing off with the flexible net sock to keep it all together ...

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