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Urine Therapy


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Urine Therapy - Healing Properties

Today marked my 106th day on Urine Therapy.

Although a majority of people look upon urine as something dirty, there are some who believe that it has healing properties. Their claims are substantiated by a number of patients recovering from various types of illnesses, deemed incurable by medical men. They say that since urine is nothing but an ultrafiltrate of blood, it is bound to have many beneficial substances in it. This holistic healing system is based on the theory that many animals instinctively drink their own urine when they are diseased.
According to the Shivambu Kalp, an ancient treatise that some people suppose to be a part of Ayurveda, urine is capable of destroying both internal as well as external poisons. It acts a tonic to invigorate the body, remove fatigue, and slow down the aging process. In the past, when transportation facilities weren’t very advanced, desert travelers and sailors used to survive on their own urine during times of food and water scarcity till they managed to replenish their stocks again.
The main ingredients of urine are urea, creatinine, uric acid, ammonia, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chorides, and inorganic sulphates and phosphates. Bile salts and natural steroids are also known to pass out in the urine. Many of the researchers argue that the beneficial effects of urine may be due to the presence of these steroids. Others believe that it is the urea in the urine that is responsible for killing germs as it is toxic to them. Similarly, it is toxic to even cancer cells and therefore cancers of especially the gastrointestinal tract seem to respond very well to urine therapy.
A number of human ailments have been claimed to have cured by drinking the urine of even animals like cows, camels, and goats. Urine therapy also advocates the instillation of drops of urine into the eyes to clean the eyes and prevent many eye problems. Massaging the skin with urine that is allowed to stay for a week or so in tightly-corked, amber-colored bottles is recommended to prevent and treat many skin diseases. This is also known to improve the complexion of the skin, keeping it youthful and free of blemishes.
Practitioners of urine therapy need to become purely vegetarian. They are required to drink a lot of water and preferably fast for a day only on water before starting the treatment so as to flush the body of its impurities and toxins. All types of fruits and vegetables are permitted along with restricted amounts of cereals and pulses. Non-vegetarian foods, spices, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and foods that are capable of altering the smell and taste of urine must be avoided.
Urine can be drunk during all parts of the day, although some individuals prefer to drink only the urine that they pass out early in the morning. In any case, the first and the last portion of the urine must be discarded when collecting it in a clean glass. All said and done, urine therapy may be at least worth trying in cases that have been given up totally by doctors.

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