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Urine Therapy


Thursday, 1 December 2011

Urine Therapy

Day 162

Almost everyday something new arrives that supposed to change our lives. It may be true, it may even work. Everybody is looking for that next great invention, idea or magic bullet that will change the course of history or at least improve their lives. Finding that new something can be quite a challenge.
For instance, there are literally hundreds of alternative therapies or remedies for various illnesses. It would take a long time and a lot of money to try them all. Most people these days seem to have neither extra time or extra money. So how do you make sure something good doesn’t pass you by? Maybe you just have to be desperate, lucky or be open-minded.
So here’s a new one for all you who don’t have time to deal with allergies, flu and chronic illnesses. There is a very old, free remedy that can heal just about any sickness or disease. It has been called the miracle cure yet it has been hidden from most people’s radar. Probably because the concept is so unappealing. In fact, many people call it disgusting, gross, nasty and literally hard to swallow.
This magic bullet for your sicknesses is none other than your own human urine. Created by filtering you blood hundreds of times every day, your urine is the most advance natural medicine you can take for any malady. It is a universal panacea because it works both externally and internally. Most people are unaware of it’s ingredients(it has literally thousands of ionic compounds) and it’s power for healing even incurable diseases.
Urine therapy can disinfect the any cut, wound, burn or sore on the outside. It works as an antiviral and anti-bacteria agent on the inside. It is produced in the the kidneys which acts like a personal pharmacy because it produces the antidote for any sickness that appears. Not only does it diagnose naturally but best of all, it is free. There have been several books written about it and there are quite a few websites attesting to its validity.
Many people have not had much luck treating their symptoms with the current medical system of testing, drugs and surgery. Some try it out as a last resort, some out of curiosity and some because they received revelations that it is a cure-all. Any way you look at it, the research and evidence for its viability grows everyday. It may come in handy next time you are in need of immediate medical care and cannot get it.

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